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Wednesday, December 26, 2012
Cousin Seth. Everytime I post him here I get inquiries about his relationship status. Yes, he's single. And looking. And he also hates that I pimp him out on my blog. But hey, anything for the greater good, right girls?

Anything sweeter than a sleeping babe on Christmas Eve? Anything? I think not.

My girls. 

Christmas Eve service

He sat and stared at this train for hours Christmas morning. Precious I say.

Cousin Terra. Who is also Seths sister. Who is also my sister-in-law because she married Robs brother. Got that? 

Cousins. First and second. Because of the whole cousins marrying brothers thing...

Grandpa making bonya. A Christmas tradition. Consists of garlic, sardines, anchovies, butter and oil sauteed together until it's brown mush. We eat it with cabbage and it smells pretty bad. But tastes oh so good.

A few highlights from our Christmas:

- Gunner running downstairs Christmas morning and freaking the freak out because Santa brought him a skateboard. That's right, my four year old asked for a skateboard and asked me if I would take him to the skate park when no one was there and teach him how to skateboard. Lord help me if I have a little skater boy on my hands...

- Colt and just his awe of it all. This was the first Christmas where he really got it and it just made my cold heart all kinds of momma happy.

- It snowed for the first time, like really really snowed, on Christmas Day. For some reason, we always seem to get a good helping of snow every year on Christmas Day. God loves us extra much here in good ol' Tri-Cities I presume.

- And finally, while the whole fam was just hanging out in front of the big screen, we somehow failed to notice that Shrek The Third was over and a lusty adult movie had started. We were busy talking to each other not really paying attention when my cousin looked up and said, "um, I think someone may want to change the channel." And right at that moment, everyone turned and looked, including my husbands parents and sweet little Gunner, to see a big ol' pair of exposed tatas. Panic ensued as we all tried to find the remote and finally, the channel was changed right as exposed booby girl was giving her man a special Christmas "present."

Memorable to say the least.

39 comments on "Our Christmas"
  1. The adult movie thing would only happen to your family lol. Looks like so much fun! I cannot deal with your nieces cheeks! I just want to squeeze them. What's going on for NYE?

  2. These pictures are all precious, your nieces cheeks are so flippin' cute!! The movie ordeal is hilarious and at least it made for a good laugh afterwards {and some blog content!} Keep pimping your cousin out, he is one good looking fella!

  3. Looks like a great Christmas and OMG that last bit was hilarious!

  4. OMG! That is too funny about the movie! Glad you guys had a great Christmas!

  5. Love this! What a beautiful Christmas you had! I love all the excited little faces in it too! Nothing is better than Christmas through a child's eyes.

  6. Merry Christmas, pretty girl! I was thinking I could move to the Tri-Cities if Seth is really looking. And your babies are getting so big and they get cuter by the day :)

  7. Looks/Sounds like a very Merry Christmas! Love that you went outside to get pics looking in, too! Those baby girls are adorable! Keep pimping Seth - he'll be so in your debt one day for it!!

    And hey, what's Christmas w/out a little porn, right???

  8. hahaha crazy about the movie that was playing. how funny. but looks like a fantastic Christmas. Bonya sounds interesting.

  9. Love all the pictures! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with your family :D
    I laughed so hard about the movie playing!!

  10. I love Colt's bed head. Your boys are too cute and that Seth, YUM!

  11. That last one had me rolling. Classic.

  12. cousin Seth is a hottie & I vote for more photos of him!


  13. This looks like such a great Christmas! :) I miss you and hope that life is treating you and the family wonderfully! XO!

  14. Colt around the tree watching the train?! Most precious Christmas picture ever. Good LORD I hope I have some baby boys one day!!

    I cracked up at the adult movie story!! Merry Christmas INDEED

  15. LOL to the last highlight. Wow! What channel were yall watching?

    Also, love all pix. I can't get over the cutness of bebes on the holidays.


  16. Love all the pics. Everybody looks so happy.

  17. First, really diggin the dark hair! Also, seth is a BABE! Feel free to pimp him out to me anytime!!! ;)

    It really looks like you had a wonderful time! I am glad you got snow, we are still waiting on ours here in st. louis!

  18. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! So jealous you all got snow! It seems that everyone got snow BUT us here in DC :(

  19. That baby girls cheeks get me EVERY time!!! SO SO SO Sweet and precious!

  20. That adult movie thing is HILARIOUS. Awkward! But what is Christmas without a little awkwardness, hehe. Looks like you all had an amazing time, love all the pics! <3

  21. Hahaha the adult movie...what a christmas story lol!

    And cousin Seth is miiighty cute ;-)

    Glad yall had a great Christmas!

  22. Cousin Seth is HOTT.
    Hi Seth :)

    Looks like a great Christmas, I;m in Texas visiting family, and it snowed here too :)

  23. I love all those babies running 'round. Makes my heart pitter patter.

    As does Cousin Seth. Yahtzee.

  24. scrolling through the pics im all OH GOD this is beautiful...the scenery...your house...your family...EVERYTHING

    but then im like HOLY SHIT BALLS SETH!!!! Hottie alert OW OW!!

    And so I keep scrolling to the end and I'm ooo-ing and ahh-ing and then I scroll BACK up to take another peak. hahah!!

    christmas looked like an AMAZING AMAZING time in the Ravens Nest!!!


    1. Yes, I'm sure Seth would love to meet a girl who says "holy shit balls". Classy.

    2. HOLY SHIT BALLS SETH!! My thought exactly!

  25. ummm..yeah..
    did I mention how single I am???


    I vote = more pics, too!

  26. Must say that I LOVE your blog... and now I LOVE your cousin :)


  28. Tell your cousin I'm available... but that I'm over here in Duvall. Which is about 3 1/2 hours from tri-cities... :)

  29. Gorgeous photos! I just finished reading all of your posts... I promise I'm not crazy. It's taken me forever but it was well worth it because you're hilarious!

  30. Gotta love the outtakes of Christmas! Glad y'all had such a fabulous one and I hope you uave an even more awesome New Year's! Love ya xoxox

  31. The whole cousins marrying cousins thing. hahaha. Can we get an entire post dedicated to Seth? I'm sure he would love that. Make sure to include more shirtless lake pics, please and thanks!

  32. SETH! More pics of Seth please, I'm single, but I kinda live in Minnesota...


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