Polihale Beach

If you ever get a chance to go to Kauai, make sure to visit Polihale beach. It's a remote 7-mile stretch of white sand beach at the end of the island with the most amazing views, but it's also one of the most dangerous on the island. No one swims at this beach as it will take you out to sea in an instant.

But. It's beautiful.

After a five mile trek on a pot-holed dirt road, where they specifically tell you not to go when you rent a rental car, you reach an amazing beach set beneath towering cliffs and amazing views of the Napali Coast. They call it a "wild" beach as access is not great but most who see it call it the most spectacular beach they have ever seen. 

And it is.

But like I said, don't wade in too close, as the multiple currents are strong and will overpower you in an instant. I told my sister this who came to help on the trip, and I think I scared her a bit too much because whenever one of my boys stuck a middle toe in the water, she rushed to their side in an effort to save them from being swept out to sea.

She really is one amazing Auntie.

But then she says to me, "I have to keep an extra careful eye on them because if something ever happened to one of the boys, mom would totally blame me."

Um, excuse? Mom would blame you? What, does she see me as some incompetent vodka swilling mother? I am so offended.

Offended I am.

Green eggs and ham.


  1. This looks like SO much fun. Beautiful beach and the sea, so calming and relaxing. Enjoy! :)

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  2. Gorgeous views! I think I am going to have to drug my husband up and finally get his ass on a plane because I am far too jealous of your Hawaii vacation!!!

  3. That looks like Heaven! Except I'm sure the beaches in Heaven won't swallow you up in a second, lol! But so beautiful!

  4. This is so pretty. I need it in my life. my favorite picture is the one with your boy in the sand with his hand over his chest.

  5. i literally just want to hijack your life. in like a good way. not in single white female way.

  6. to shannon above me who commented....YES!! i want to hijack your life too raven!

    these pics are BEAUTIIIIFUULLLL!! i want to go to hawaii so bad!

    you and your family are so great and look like you had teh best time in the world!!


  7. Wow, that looks amazing! Must put on bucket list!

  8. Ha when you say it like that it sounds bad. Mom is going to be offended when she reads that :-) I meant since I was there to help I needed to do my job and make sure they weren't swept out to sea ;)

  9. Wow- I might book a trip like, tonight. Once I open a new credit card with an unlimited credit line ;)

    Tell little man there is NO pouting when you're in Hawaii! LOL

  10. That pouting picture is my new favorite thing in the world.

  11. Our fave beach on Kaua'i!

    My cousins are always posted there with their ginormous trucks! My niece will also wade in the waves, but never too close =)

    O'ahu beaches are definitely 3rd place for me... everything is so overcrowded here!

  12. Your beach coverup is so cute - I love how it's a little glam!!

  13. Beautiful pics!!! And the pouty face..hehe!!!

  14. You're a skank and I hate you.

    XOXO :)

  15. Wow that is a beautiful beach and you got some amazing pictures! Love your dress too, Ravin!!!

  16. These are lovely photos! I am starting to get a little bit jealous though! lol rub it in!!!

  17. Your pictures are gorgeous! I am super envious :D

  18. I'll have to take a trip out to that beach when I'm in Kaui next week. Also, loving that grumpy picture. haha kills me!

  19. Omg seriously I want to go there NOW! How amazing!

  20. i've been there! i can't count how many times i hit my head on the ceiling of our jeep on the road to get there but you're right that it's worth it :D

  21. gorgeous shots! wow, I would rather be there right now. And it looks like your Sister is ON IT!

  22. Wow, this beach is bee-you-ti-ful!
    Gorgeous shots girl. :)

  23. Cute photos! That beach is beautiful!


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