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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

When planning a vacation, we always plan for the beach. I know some people prefer places like Italy, Paris, NYC...and while I wouldn't turn my nose up at those places if offered a free vaca, my first choice will always be the sea and sand. Museums and ancient buildings? Eh, I'll pass. Call us uncultured if you wish, but "peace dude" is what we are.

Vacation to us consists of relaxation, good food, good drinks, snorkeling, lounging and all around just taking it easy. Stress free, no schedule and did I mention good drinks? 

Our second home has welcomed us back with its usual big squeezy bear hug. 


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39 comments on "We Are Beach People"
  1. Amazing!! hope you guys have an awesome time, but it looks like you already are! say hello to the seals for me!

  2. So jealous!! Were going to bora bora in a couple weeks and i can hardly contain myself!! Have fun and enjoy family time!

  3. Are those seals dead or sleeping....I'm gonna go with sleeping...
    It looks beautiful, and warmer than Southern Ontario is right now, so I'm jealous!

  4. Looks like so much fun!! The Hub's is a mountain guy so I'm trying to convince him to go a beach just once. Y'all have a great time!

  5. We are beach people to, I love the beach more than any other place in the world. although my husband differs sometimes I usually get my way.

  6. Looks like you are having a blast! Your twitter feed is killing me with all those pics of sun, sand, and fruity tropical drinks! Looks like so much Fun!

  7. Have an amazing time! My H and I are the same way, we'll take a beach and fruity drinks with umbrellas in them any day over city streets and guided tours. A vacay should be relaxing!

  8. OMG - that seal looks like it's smiling and that made my damn morning.

  9. Have a fun relaxing time. And I agree with the no museums, and ancient buildings, give me a drink, a good book and a beach and I'm good to go!

  10. I could not agree with you more. I have friends who vacationed/Honeymooned in Europe and while they had a great time and their pics and experiences were amazing...walking around and learning and looking at art really ain't my style. I'll see you on the lounge chair with a Miami Vice, eyes on the water. Amen sister.

  11. That looks gorgeous & I love the sun-bathing/sleeping seals!!

  12. So jealous. I miss Hawaii. Looks like a perfect vacation to me.

  13. I'm totally down to be adopted a second time...and I'll baby sit!

  14. Soooo jealous.

    Have you taken your babes to Turtle Beach (aka Laniakea Beach) on Oahu? It's totally worth the day trip, sea turtles chillin' everywhere. It's along the Kamehameha Highway, on the way to the North Shore.

  15. I'm completely a beach person as well

  16. I love the beach! And I LOVE living by the beach!

  17. I try to squeeze in an unbeach trip every now and then, but I LUST after beach time!!

  18. Normally I would agree with you, I absolutely love being at the beach, but it is pretty much the only place I've ever vacationed. I'm dying to go somewhere, pretty much anywhere, different. I want to play tourist in a big new city.

  19. So jealous! I am the worlds biggest beach person! I hate the winter. Can't wait for beach weather again :)

  20. yep... i'm totally sneaking in your suitcase next time!

  21. You should not be allowed to post from Hawaii anymore...not fair! Looks like you are having a blast:)

  22. oh enjoy!!!! vacation looks good on everyone! and we are beach people, too- although, i'm convincing my hubby to take us to italy next year- he hates the idea of buildings and museums, but the coast he seems okay with. me? um, id like to get there before having kids (;

    now, please have precisely 283759615 lava flows for me, got it? and dont get sunburned!!!!

  23. Do u always stay at the Marriott in Kauai??? That's where we stayed...love it!

  24. I am SO jealous! Love the pictures, how fun you got to take your kids! They will always remember these fun vacations!

  25. That lone seal looks even happier than you guys do!

  26. i would love to go to Hawaii some day! looks amazing! i hope those seals are alive :)

  27. AHHH there is NOTHING like the beach!!! love that you guys are having such an amazing amazing time!! :)

    i have never been to hawaii but am DYING to go!! My parents honeymooned there for 2 weeks and are constantly talking about how amazing it is..i need to get my bum there. Or we can just skype and you can lay me in the chair next to you and pretend like im there

    love the pics ravey pie :)

  28. I wanna squeeze those seals hard. Like that little girl on that cartoon, with the black and white cat? Yeah....moving on.

    But seriously, I would have touched them.

    Because I want to get bit by a seal... (but not really)

  29. Being at the beach is the BEST. EVER. I am totally IG stalking you and living vicariously through your vaca. So happy you are having a great time with your family! Xo :)

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  31. I miss Kauai. Badly. At times I wish we still lived on Oahu. I would gladly go back to Kauai anyday!! Jealous! I hope you and your amazing family are having a great time. Next you go, please pack me in your bag! ;) Megan

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