Why I Took A Nanny On Vacation

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Because who else would take "candid" pictures of me frolicking on the beach? I mean, surely not my husband, as we already know how bad of a photographer he is


That, and the fact that Rob and I have never, and I mean ever, taken a vacation together. I'm talking not even a weekend getaway. We always bring someone with us and/or do joint vacations with other couples. We brought my mom with us on our honeymoon eight years ago for crying out loud.

I mean...

Couples have certain quirks? I guess this is ours? I guess?


Where were we? Oh yes, the nanny. Let me state the obvious and say when I call my sister the "nanny," it's a joke. We paid for Boobie's way down to Hawaii (I mean, obviously we aren't going to make someone pay who is coming along for the purpose of helping with the kids) and since we are owners at the Marriott Waiohai and go yearly, that was taken care of as well. We brought along my sister so yes, she could help with the kids, but also just for company, as my husband and I both love being around her. We have a two bedroom, two bath suite so why not make the most of it and invite someone else along to join in on the party? More the merrier says we!

It worked out perfectly. Rob and I shared one room with Gunner, and Boobs and Colt shared the other. And it's not like we ever left Boobie alone with the kids so Rob and I could go out to dinner. We were all together, all the time. The only time Boobie was alone with the kids was when we were all at the beach, and Rob and I went out snorkeling for twenty minutes. Or when one kid wanted to be at the beach with Rob and I and the other wanted to be at the pool. This is not to say that Boobie wasn't a tremendous help, because she most definitely was. She watched after my kids just as fiercely as Rob and I did. Her being there made the trip extremely more relaxed, and so much less stressful. She played with my kids and did crafts with my kids. She was always making sure my kids were safe and I felt like they had a second momma while we were there. Not to mention the fact that my boys got to really bond with their aunt, and vice versa.

That said, Rob and I also wanted to make sure she felt like it was also a vacation, if only a teeny tiny bit. (Because let's be honest, a vacation with kids is never really a vacation for anyone.) Which is why a few times, I forced her to go lay out by the pool alone when the kids were sleeping, or when we all took a catamaran ride on the ocean and I told her to go stand at the front and have a Titanic moment. All in all, the vacation was a success.

Even if Boobie said she will never go back with us again. 

(say what?)
21 comments on "Why I Took A Nanny On Vacation"
  1. I love going on vacation with my bosses. Sure it's a little more work but its fun to go places and day drink while also working haha.

  2. Funny!
    I can totally agree with the whole not being a vacay with kiddos. It's hard bringing them along and always watching them. It's never truly restful and quiet. So kuddos to you for actually owning up to wanting a little down time, just you two. Snorkeling or whatever you want to call your rumpus time.

  3. Uhm I can totally watch your kids. FLY ME TO HAWAII, kthnx!

  4. hmm, i'm good with kids. and not bad with photography i mean, taking your candid pictures as the second main job desc? fly me to hawaii.

  5. Looks Great!!! Merry Christmas.

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  6. I bet she had tons of fun with you guys! I went with my niece and nephew once, and I said I'd never go back - but I do every year: )

  7. I think that is wonderful, and I think I probably would have gone out to dinner just us, a time or two. I seriously hope people don't judge you on this.

  8. i'm sure she is very grateful for the titanic moment :)

  9. Ditto. I'm up for babysitter hire.

  10. If you need a nanny for your next Hawaiian escape I'm in! I'm great with kids (most of the time)!

  11. I would say my purpose of being there was successful. You and Rob both said you had a really good vacation and you got to snorkle together every day and we kept both boys happy by them being able to be at the pool or beach when they wanted. ;)

  12. Sounds like a good deal for all involved.

    BTW the first "candid" photo of you frolicking on the beach - OMG it looks like you are scratching your hootchie cootchie. :)

  13. Shit. For a free vacay I would go! Holarrrrrrrrrrrrrr LOL

  14. I mean go and be a nanny... haha

  15. The more the merrier on a vacay I say! Whether its for helpful purposes or not I think its a fab idea :) <3

  16. haha I love that people took you saying "nanny" so seriously. As soon as you said it was your sister, I thought it was obvious that it was a joke. Glad you all had fun!

  17. I'm all about bringing a "nanny" on vacay- whether it's a sister or a for real paid nanny. The last couple of years we've taken one with us on some and an extra pair of hands goes a long ways! How's that one saying go anyway? Oh yeah....haters gonna hate! haha!

  18. I agree that this is an awesome trade off...vacation in highway to babysit...sign me up! Hope you enjoyed your time away!

  19. New follower, I found you via Neely's blog. That vacation sounds great. I want to go to Hawaii so bad, I am hoping to go in a few years. Have a happy new year!

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