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Tuesday, January 08, 2013
A few things first: thank you to those of you that emailed me tips on potty training puppies! I don't know what I was thinking by closing comments (I do that sometimes to try and get caught up in the blog world) but if I was smart I would have left them open and asked for your guys' opinions, as the emails I did receive have helped me tremendously. Almost all of you recommended crate training and so far, so good! No accidents inside today...yet!

Also, I thought I should let you know I'm going back blonde today. Well, not blonde blonde, seeing as I just dyed my hair dark brown two days ago and it will be a process to get there and will probably be a lovely shade of orange for a while before I get to where I want it to be. Go ahead, make fun of me, throw your best one-liner my way as only a week ago I made staying with one hair color one of my New Year's Resolutions. Check that one off as a major fail. I will also be chopping off about four inches as my ends have seen their expiration date. So. This could get interesting. But oh to be blonde again...

But now, I'm back to recapping our Hawaiian vacation. Remember the one we went on less than a month ago? I didn't have time to tell ya'll all about it as Christmas was right around the corner when we got back and then New Year's and then a puppy...

So I'm going to take the next few days to reminisce here on this blog. Hope you don't mind, and if you do? See you next week. *wink face*


I've talked before about how we are owners at the Marriott Waiohai and have been since 2004. We try to make it over once a year and although we have stayed at other places and on other islands, our home turf on Kauai is our bread and butter. It's not too big of a property like other places we have stayed, and it has much more of a laid back family vibe. We always request the same suite every time we visit: Hale 7, ground floor, right by the bbq's and the relaxation pool and just steps to the beach.

Basically, it's heaven on earth. And one week a year is not nearly enough time.

(all photos below are from our condo property)

We did a lot of night swimming. Got the place to ourselves and we could all swim nakie. Except we totally didn't. 

 oh hey it's Nanny Boobie!

This kid ate so much sand. You don't even want to know what came out the other end. You don't.

One of our favorite things to do is go to the local market and get fresh food to grill. We have met some interesting characters and had some fabulous chats around these bbq's.

 Every year, every single year, we see monk seals on our beach. They are the most endangered seals in the U.S. waters with only 1,100 left in existence. And we see them every. single. time. So amazing.

And of course since it was holiday time, we had ourselves some reinbeers. 

I just realized that there is not one picture of me in this entire post. The horror. Looks like nanny was slacking on the job a bit. Must have had one too many reinbeers, huh?


Tomorrow I will be showing you guys our underwater photos from our snorkeling adventures. Including when I almost ran right into a 70 pound turtle.

I screamed.

32 comments on "Back to Kauai: Our Place"
  1. It looks kinda like a few nakies slipped in your camera... Good thing there were no turtles in the pool because - owie! I'm kidding, I can't swear they look nakie! So beautiful there...

  2. Looks like a great trip!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I'm going to have to drug my husband up and get him on a plane! I need to see this place!

  4. Wow this seriously looks amazing!

  5. I want to go there SO bad! I've been trying to convince the hubs but no success yet! I love that it's laid back and you feel right at home! That's my kind if vacay!

  6. Looks gorgeous... I like how the grills are set up too. Guess each unit has a grill?

  7. That place looks like heaven...Beautiful!!!!

  8. Hawaii is my favorite! I told my husband that when we sell the restaurant, we are retiring there. He didn't argue, he knows better.

  9. That looks amazing! I've never been to any beaches other than Florida and Tybee Island in GA. I know I am missing out so much!

  10. Kauai is by far the most beautiful place I've ever been...can't wait to go back!!! Love your pics!Reinbeer..hehe!!!

  11. where do you stay in Kauai? I just spent 2 weeks in in Hanalei and was absolutely amazed by the beauty of the island

  12. Haha! Love the one of Colt bouncing off the ball!

    1. that's exactly what I was going to say!! =)

  13. I'm one of the unfortunate people that have never been to Hawaii :( Seeing these pics make me realize how we need to get our asses on a plane stat. Everything looks so beautiful! The boys crack me up, love the one of Colt popping off that ball! Jealous of your favorite vacation spot!!

  14. Seriously, take me away. I can't even stand to look at these pictures without feel super jealous that you got to go there. Ha! I just would want some sun shine and warm weather, that's the part I am jealous about the most. Glad y'all had such a fabulous time!!

  15. I'm glad you are getting the puppy thing figured out! I wanted to comment on your last post. I absolutely love the name Remington, I always wanted a chocolate lab named Ruger myself. Haha. But Indi is super cute too! And I'm incredibly jealous of your Hawaiian vacations. One day I am determined to get my butt out there.

  16. Ahhh!!! Looks like heaven. seriously. I wanna go!!

  17. You own a week in Kawaii with your timeshare. "Your" condo is someone else's condo the following week. Stop making it sound like you own a private vacation house n Kawaii. Everybody owns a timeshare. No biggie.

    1. No actually honey, it absolutely is not a timeshare. It is part of the Marriott ownership program. We pay ownership dues every year and we also have a deed (look it up) at the place. I won't tell you what we paid for it up front (it was a pretty big chunk of change and it's also none of your business) but it is comparable to what a lot of people pay for a home, what with the down payment and monthly house payments. Which means it is ours and when we die we can pass it down to our children to own. If we want to get rid of it, we have to find someone who will buy it from us. A timeshare sweetie is something you pay for yearly and whenever you want to quit going, you stop paying and that's it, no more timeshare.

      I also never said I own a private vacation house in Kauai (not Kawaii). Someday though!

    2. Actually, sweetie, we put down a sizable down payment on our timeshare, and made monthly mortgage payments for 10 years until this year when it was paid off. Now we have the deed. We are considered "owners". We pay ownership dues every year. It's also ours and it can be passed down to our heirs in our Will.

      So, honey, I still don't see the difference. Why are you so reluctant to call it a timeshare? Does "ownership program" sound more high class?

    3. Actually, Raven, Taz Lady is right. You can't just stop paying for your timeshare, it will be foreclosed on just like a mortgage. You also have to sell timeshares to get rid of them.

  18. From the Marriott ownership website:

    "Learn About Ownership

    Explore the world with the leader in vacation ownership.

    For more than 25 years, Marriott Vacation Club® has remained the leader in the vacation ownership industry, delivering unforgettable vacations to more than 400,000 Owner families around the globe.

    Affordable Family Vacations

    Own your vacations—don’t just take them.

    Secure a deeded real-estate timeshare interest with a one-time purchase.

    Avoid rising hotel room or rental apartment costs."

    1. "Tazlady" and "Pam," both anonymous (same person perhaps?) I'm not going to argue with you. I actually could care less to have this conversation so this will be the last reply I bestow upon you. "Techincally," Marriott ownerships are "timeshares" to a degree. We however are not part of RCA or the sort and are instead a Vacation Club Member. Below is the difference between the two:

      What Is a Timeshare?
      Timeshare ownership entails payment of an upfront sum plus yearly maintenance fees. Depending on the timeshare arrangement, owners either own the rights to a specific, fixed week (say, January 1-7 every year) or the rights to a floating arrangement, where you can visit for a week within a period of time each year (say, one week between the months of June and August every year).

      Fixed and floating timeshare arrangements can either be deeded or non-deeded (also known as right-to-use). Deeded timeshares are considered real property that can be sold or passed on to the next generation. Non-deeded or right-to-use timeshares function more like leases, where an owner can use the unit for a specified number of years.

      What Is a Vacation Club?
      Vacation clubs are a newer variation on the timeshare model. Instead of purchasing the rights to a specific unit, as with a timeshare, vacation club “members” pay an upfront sum to purchase a number of “points” which can be redeemed for different vacations each year. Yearly maintenance fees still apply.

      The number of points can translate to very different vacations based on the desirability of the resort’s location and the time of year. The Marriott Vacation Club, for example, has a three-tiered point system. At the cheapest level, one example of a vacation option is a seven-night stay in a studio in Palm Beach, Florida at any time except during the peak winter season. In contrast, the highest tier of points will give you the opportunity to stay for seven nights in a one-bedroom villa in Oahu, Hawaii at any time during the year.

      So yes anon, it can also be considered a timeshare, but the program we belong to, they don't call it that. Also, the place we own at, we can go any time, any month, however many times a year we want to go. The terms and conditions are also much different then your run of the mill timeshare in Mexico.

      That said, I am not bashing timeshares at all, they can be great! My family has had one in Mexico forever and they love it. No I don't think I am "higher class" then you although how can we really know, considering you are "anonymous."

      Have a good day!

    2. Oh we know, Raven. You can't hide class - or lack of it. White trash with money. Oh and next time you grace us with a pic if your slimy feet, get a pedi - I mean, ew.

    3. or here's an idea, quit reading her blog & you won't have to see her slimy feet, oh the horror!

  19. oh this makes me want to go back to hawaii NOW... what great memories you are making with your kiddos!


  21. Beautiful place :)

    ~ Jamie-Leigh

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