New Year's Resolutions or...Not?

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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

"A New Year's resolution is something that goes in one Year and out the other." - anonymous

Now ain't that the godforsaken truth? But. I'm still gonna try. So here are my tries.

- I vow to drink less*. Not really sure how this will pan out one year and out the other...

- I vow to not check my phone when I get up for a potty break in the middle of the night.

- I vow to not watch every episode of the Real Housewives of every city.

- I vow to shop less...I mean, I vow to shop

- I vow to never, ever, ever! cut my own bangs again. Like, ever.

- On that note, I vow to stick with one hair color for an entire year. It's gonna be hard...I'm already itching to go back blonde.

- This year, I vow to really, faithfully, be a full-fledged vegetarian. I've talked about this topic in depth before here and I have never felt or looked as good as I did when I wasn't eating any kind of meat. Yes, I've read all the books and watched all the documentaries but I think I need to re-read and re-watch them as I need to revamp my brain. I will keep you guys updated throughout the year on my vegetarian endeavors!

- I vow to splurge on a quality purse instead of buying a ton of cheap ones. Any suggestions? And as cute as they are, I am so not a Louis Vuitton person. 

- I vow to get cousin Seth wifed-up. I'm thinking of starting some kind of Don't Quote The Raven online dating program. But I have to approve first, as whoever marries him will be related to me. And did I mention how much he loves kids? He spends more time with his nieces and nephews than he does modeling shirtless in the window of Abercrombie & Fitch. (Ok, he's gonna kill me for that one. In his defense, it was a long time ago. But it did happen.)

- I vow to be more dedicated about taking my boys to church. It is my responsibility that they grow up and learn about God. 

- I vow to love my boys more and kiss them more and tell them just how much I love them more. Because 425 times a day just isn't enough.

- I vow to get skinny! so I can wear that barely there bikini Rob bought me in Hawaii a few years ago. 

- And finally, I vow to be a better blogger. I am the first to admit that I have gotten lazy when it comes to responding to comments and visiting your blogs. It's not because I don't want to, not at all. It's because I haven't managed my time wisely when it comes to computer time. So here for on I make a solemn promise to be a better blogger, to interact more with you guys and to show my face around your neck of the woods so much that you get sick of me. Starting today! 

And you can quote me on that.

*and by drink less, I mean to push my starting time back from Dr Phil to Judge Judy. That extra half hour of sobriety will make me feel like a new women, I'm sure of it.

53 comments on "New Year's Resolutions or...Not?"
  1. haha I love these!!
    You can do it!!!
    For quality purses... I really like Chloe bags and Marc Jacobs ones! I even get decent ones at Urban Outfitters, my newest one is from there & it was $80 but I've gotten a lot of compliments on it and people thought it was designer.
    Love your blog, love you, love how great a momma you are to your boys. I can just tell how much you love them through what you write. They are lucky boys!! (and dang cute!)

  2. Have you read food rules by Michael Pollan? Another great one with simple rules to follow, like don't eat foods with more than five ingredients.... Goodbye processed foods! Let's swap veggie recipes. Good luck with all your goals!

  3. hahah love it and props to you if you can stay one hair color for an entire year!!!! I haven't done that in forever, always start the year one way and end it the opposite.

    one of resolutions is definitely "get skinny" too... I think I need a better plan than just that. Baby steps.

    And don't even talk to me about the fact that you get to sip drinks during daytime TV while I sit at work like a CHUMP day after day. :( Let's trade lives a couple days a week, k?

    Happy New Year, Raven!

  4. Never read a better list of resolutions!

  5. Love this post! How fun. I could get on board with buying a quality purse for the year! Totally doable. Good luck with the transition to vegetarianism too. It's not easy but I bet you will feel amazing once you make the switch!

  6. #1 in line to date Seth, RIGHT HERE. Holy hotness.
    And I love your vows. Good luck on the whole drinking less thing- I tried that once... Didn't work out too well!

  7. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Seth is hot. The whole vegetarian thing, well, I'm a vegetarian and it is the best decision I've ever made for myself. HANDS DOWN. Let's be vegetable eating, vodka drinking friends together, please?????

  8. haha I love your Resolutions! Good Quality Purse....Michael Kors and Kate Spade are both pretty amaze!

  9. I just did the Ombre hair color. Dark on top, light on the of both worlds. I like it:)

  10. i love your vows but some of them will take time and you should cut yourself some slack! but yes getting skinny (although you already are) is on my list too

  11. 30 extra minutes of sobriety... hmm... does this count if you stay up an extra 30 minutes later at night?

  12. Ummm...I'm in a loving relationship so I need you to please stop posting shirtless pictures of your cousin. For the good of my relationship. lmao. Why is that man single?? Let's all get skinny! That's what we all want anyway.

  13. I think you should vow to set Seth up on a date with Lindsey! I think they would be a great match! He likes his nieces and nephews and Lindsey loves her Reese! Too bad they are in different states! They would make a great match!

  14. I too have agreed to 'drink less.' I start small [like last year] I began the 1st of the year NO alcohol for at LEAST a month.

    Holding onto one color for a year.... you'll be my hero if you can, because I'm reverting blond in 2 months. Itch to try something new. Makes me think back to when I asked if he'd ever cheat on me and he said 'no. you change your hair color so much it's like sleeping with a new woman.' That was a high five moment.

    Get fit, it's the new skinny. I'm thin, so my goal is to be fit. After stuffing myself with Christmas dinner I consider myself a fat-skinny-girl. Cheers.

  15. yay for the vegetarianism! but booooooooo for less drinking...

    i mean.... who are you?!


  16. Love the list! Good luck! :)

  17. Love these. I need to renew my old semi-vegetarian mindset...I felt so great when I was doing that. Look into Michael Kors or Tory Burch for the purse. I have neither as I do the cheap purses, too...but my friends have those and I've been looking into getting one, too. Last (but definitely most important) sign me up for that dating program. Hello Seth.

  18. I try not to watch all the Real Housewives.. the only one I got rid of was Atlanta! I can't stand NeNe..

  19. maybe don't follow through on the drinking less and not watching the real housewives...i mean, that's just a resolution i know FOR SURE i couldn't keep.

  20. I don't know if a leather handbag fits into your vegetarian resolution, BUT I have a MK leather handbag that is going on 7 years. Since buying that one, I've splurged on other name brand canvas bags and the corners end up damaged in no time. So I always end up carrying the leather MK again.

  21. If that's as bad as you look when you cut your own bangs, I don't think you're running much of a risk…HOT! I'm trying to be a big girl this year also and buy a nice purse. I've been looking at they have some good ones! Suerte!

  22. Love these! And Seth is hot! He should be wifed up fast!

  23. A few things: I may not be a Cadillac girl, yet I drive one anyway (because my hubby likes them) SO, on that note, Get the LV purse ;)

    Church...if you aren't visiting as much as you would like, open your mind up to looking around for a new church. When you have a church you enjoy visiting, you naturally go MORE and MORE and MORE!! :)

    Dare I say, I love your bangs? :)

    Great resolutions Raven!

  24. Love it! All very admirable resolutions! ;) As far as a quality purse goes....I'm definitely a cheap purse buyer. I recently got a traditional Michael Kors tote for about $100 off at Steinmart. I was so excited I grabbed a pair of MK sunnies too! If you have one if your area, I'd check them out. They have a lot of designer items for less than department store prices.

  25. I'm starting on a list like this but it's going to be my 28 in 28 and I'm gonna stick to it!!! I think you look wonderful in dark hair!! And, totally do the online dating service... heck ya! haha!

  26. Marc Jacobs Hands down! Timeless, Classic and quality. Good luck on the resolutions!! Especially the Housewives one....That is one resolution I would fail miserably at!

  27. You are so awesome, haha. I went pescatarian a few months ago, and have loved being semi-veg! I definitely need to eat healthier in other aspects too though, like cut down on the sweets and carbs.

    PS I'm single and looking. Just saying.

  28. He is a cutie! I bet he'll have lots of offers for dates!

    =) Brooke

  29. Michael Kors ... not over the top priced, but still a "real" purse ... classic leather, minimalist ... not logos and shit everywhere.

  30. I love Michael Kors, Marc by Marc Jacobs & Kate Spade bags =)

    If I was single, I'd totally get in the long wait line to date Seth!

  31. feel free to ex-nay the dating site idea and just send seth my way :)

  32. Michael Kors & Marc Jacobs have the best bags that aren't covered in tacky labels.

  33. big fan of rebecca minkoff bags. i just got the m.a.c. bag for christmas and am loving it. her bags are great quality and aren't totally plastered in logos or designer name if you're not into that!

  34. Great resolutions. Personally I like the way you look with blond or at least blond highlighted hair. It looks younger. Also, darker hair shows the gray more when they start popping in :(

    I'm a wine girl, and usually have my first glass with Judge Judy while I'm fixing dinner. Last glass (4th? 5th?) around 10PM. Is that bad?..

    Also, I have a question - how is your ownership in the Hawaii property different from a timeshare?

  35. I am not even eligible for this dating game, but he is a sexy piece of ass and I want to find a proper lady for him. And by proper I mean, a hottie. Game on!

  36. One reason why I love your writing is because it's so real, and so relatable. I booze, and I'm trying to have a better relationship with God, too. I'd also like to drop a pound or two or ten. Judge me, betches. :) Happy New Year to you and yours, and I can't wait to see what's in store for you in life and in blog land. xo

  37. Can you wait to start the veggie thing until after my visit? Adn the drinking less thing too. K, thanks.

  38. You are so funny, Raven. You make the usually boring resolution post so fun to read!

  39. Heyyyy shirtless Seth, first off. Apparently that's about as far as I got in this post. Joking. Good luck with the blog reading more thing. I say I'm going to do that and never MAKE the time to focus. As for the purse, check out Hobo International brand. You can usually find some on ebay - you just have to outbid the last minute bid bitches!

  40. 1) Your footnote made my day. I'm typically a drinking by All My Children sort of gal, given that I'm home all days studying.
    2) If you want a good purse that you can beat the hell out of and somehow make it look cuter, get one of the big Tano shoppers. I got one in 2005, and it looks better (i.e., worn and cute) now that it did when I got it.
    3) Dear Lord, cousin Seth. Just .... shit. rawr.

  41. LV isn't even real leather so good thing you don't want one . These Resolutions are great.

  42. ok.. so the bangs didn't look so bad! I actually like the "unneveness" of them (if that's even a word). I'm with you on getting super skinny. I really want to reach my skinny at 30 weight! So to start the year right I am running a half in January...pray for me!

    I will definitely continue to follow you on your vegetarian adventures. I love meat so I need to know how I would feel without it of course. I'd tell you to get a bad ass Michael Kors bag. They are beautiful and you don't have to get the ones with all of the letters and stuff. I try to avoid the branding myself.

    anywho...can't wait to follow you on your adventures too!

  43. I love reading peoples' resolutions. You have a good list, but girlfriend, I don't for even HALF a second believe you won't color your hair. Because you and I are hair-changing twins, and I'd break that in 2 days. ;)

  44. I usually like to be supportive of one's goals...but there are a few of these that I will believe when I see it ;) Like the hair color.

  45. Reminder... you are introducing me to this Seth character when I come over for the boat races ;)

  46. haha hope you can really follow that. i like your hair color.
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