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Thursday, January 24, 2013
I promise I won't drag it out any longer, but I didn't tell you guys the funniest part about Colt's haircut debacle. As you know, Rob cut his hair when I was out visiting my niece. When I got home, it took me .0000000000037465 seconds to notice what had happened. My first reaction?



But here it is: when I walked in, Rob already had his coat on. Zipped up. Ready to go. So when I said "WHAT THE F*CK DID YOU-" he cut me off with "don't want to hear it. I'm leaving." 

And he bolted.

Which leads me to believe that he knew he effed up. He knew how pissed I would be. So he skedaddled as soon as I set foot in the door.

Because he knew.

A few of you asked if he did it on purpose. No, he didn't. He honestly thought he could trim up his bangs so they weren't hanging in his eyes. He said he grabbed the scissors and took the first cut and at that moment, Colt thrust his head forward and the cut was too deep to fix. So yeah, he just figured he'd cut the rest of it at the same length and hence, we are where we are today.

Was I really mad? Like really mad?

No. I mean, inside I died a little, so sad for his hair, but really truly mad? No. Because what would be the point? I knew Rob meant well, I knew he didn't mean for it to look so horrid and besides...negative thoughts result in more face wrinkles.

And? Hair. grows. back.

But back to the face wrinkles.

When I instagrammed this photo yesterday...

and said the pure olive oil was for my face, I got quite a few inquiries. Olive oil? Do you put it straight on your face? Is it the same olive oil you use to cook with? Does it make you break out?

Yes, it is the exact same olive oil you would use to cook with and no, it doesn't make me break out. Which is funny because I have naturally super oily skin to start with, so maybe it counteracts? Also, yes, I put it straight on my face. At night, I slather it on. And yes, my face looks like a huge grease ball but in the morning? Holy shit sherlock is my skin smooth!

Seriously, it has made a huge difference. Especially since I drink so much at night, I would wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and be horrified at how my skin looked. Of course, stopping drinking would probably result in a much better service to my face, but let's be real, that ain't happening, so I do what I can.

My skin has been incredibly smooth and my makeup looks almost flawless after I apply it. However, I only use the olive oil at night as like I said, it's super slick and when I use it in the morning, my face is greaseball city within the hour. 

But I do slather it on at night. Which all the experts say is the best time to treat your face as all the cells or whatever rejuvenate. I also put it on my neck and décolletage because those areas show the first signs of aging. 

And I would still like to be carded at the bar, thank you very much.

holy holy close-up pic of my face. But I wanted to show it because this is straight out of the shower, after I applied the olive oil.

Also, I have recently begun to mix some pure olive oil with my normal face soap, and massage it in with the clarisonic. And holy cow I come out of the shower with a face smooth as butta.

What about you? Any extra special beauty secrets you want to share?

102 comments on "Oh, Yeah..."
  1. I'm so tempted to try this!! You put on the oil and then head to bed without rinsing it off? Silly question, but does it just completely ruin the sheets?

    1. Yes you go to bed with it on your face. If you're scared of ruining your sheets it's also effective when you mix it with some of your normal moisturiser, but if you put it on a while before bed it usually absorbs into your skin by the time you go down for the night :-)

  2. I'm a fan of olive oil too, and sweet almond oil (just natural oils in general) they've always worked much better on my face than cream. When I worked as a beauty therapist we would use oil on people faces and bodys all the time, it's just so nourishing, and of course it's natural. You can't get much better than that!

  3. I have heard of oil cleaning, but not using oil as a moisturizer. This is a must try because I have a wicked line across my forehead that I would love to lose before my wedding!

  4. Instead of olive oil I use coconut oil. I'm pretty sure it has the same effect. I use it to shave, on my face, once in a while in my hair, to wash my face like you mentioned, as diaper rash cream for my daughter and lotion for her whole body. It's amazing!

    1. Same here Laura! Coconut oil is amazing!

    2. I use coconut oil too! I feel like it's a little less oily than olive oil.

  5. WOW I cannot wait to try this. i am very intrigued.

  6. I would not have thought of doing this! My Blog

  7. I have not used these. I will try this for sure.

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  8. OK Colt looks so cute! So grown up but so cute!!!! And guess what I'll be doing tonight before bed?

  9. He looks so cute regardless of his hair :)

  10. 1. your baby is so cute, even with a botched hair cut.

    2. an obvious question, but doesn't your pillow get redic greasy?? i really want to try this!

  11. I'm so curious about this.....so how do you apply the olive oil? With a cotton ball? And then you just wash your face as normal in the am? My skin is also very oily so I am surprised this works so well. I'd for sure like to try!

    I think Colt's new haircut looks so cute by the by, as my Mom would call it, a "little boy haircut". It's sweet!

  12. I was going to ask the same question about ruining your sheets, before I saw the picture, I was totally imagining olive oil dripping off your face as you slather it on...silly me.

  13. I use olive oil as eye make-up remover!! It's amazing...I may have to try lathering it on at night since I won't give up drinking, either. :)

  14. i've used coconut oil on my face and body for over a year now.. i swear by it- no breakouts, and you have the softest skin! that is, after you are done being all oily.. because yeah... still works though! and it smells delicious!

  15. I use Olive oil as a make up remover.. Slather it on, jump in the shower and follow my regular routine. I had been on the pill for years to even out my hormonal acne, and when I wentoff of it? My skin turned into a nightmare!! I use the best of the best organic stuff, and the cystic acne kept coming back. I must say, it is THRILLING to be carded at the beer store (holla! I'm canadian!) - but not when they're carding you because you have the acne of a teenager. I couldn't take it anymore and I couldn't take the thought of synthetic hormones running through my body and making me (even more)crazy by going back on the pill, so I started suplementing. I take 2000mg of Evening Primrose oil, and 100 mg of zinc daily and my skin has never been clearer. In the event I do get a breakout, I will use apple cider vinegar on any blemishes. It takes the red out and heals blemishes much faster. Now I can concentrate on minimizing my old lady wrinkles instead of worrying about acne.

  16. I use sliced lemon as a toner; rub it over my face, leave it on for a minute or two and then rinse it off.
    I also sometimes mix sugar in with olive oil and use it as a body scrub. Way cheaper than a branded scrub and akes you way softer! Men love super soft women...don't they???

  17. I use a Clinique foaming makeup remover with my Clarisonic and then moisturize afterwards with Grapeseed Oil from Whole Foods. It absorbs quickly and makeup goes on smoothly! I've been doing that for about a year and absolutely love it! The saying "like dissolves like" totally applies here with the oil cleansing. :) I just read a few weeks ago about putting Castor Oil on a blemish at night if you start to feel one coming on... worked like a charm! I'll have to try the olive oil at night!! Thanks for the tip! ;-)

  18. I do a mix of 50% olive oil and 50% castor oil. I rub it in real good, making sure it takes off all the eye make up, then put a wet, hot cloth over my face for about 30 seconds to steam. Then I use the cloth to wipe it off. The make up comes off like a dream and my face isn't really at all oily (actually, too much castor oil would dry out your skin - weird). I got my mom and best friend doing this now and they won't go back!

  19. The olive oil, or coconut oil, is the same PH as your skin, so it doesn't cause your skin to become oily. I learned a lot about the oil cleansing method from this site:


    Basically, your skin loses oil, and then begins to produce or overproduce more oil to compensate, which then causes acne, oily skin, etc. By replacing the natural oil with this cleansing method, you're helping your skin out! Plus, it's chemical free, doesn't strip your skin, and WAYYYY cheaper than face wash!
    Also, you'll have to let me know how you like the sugar and oil scrub :)

  20. i do the same thing with coconut oil! It's the best :)

  21. I've been washing my face with olive oil for years and have never felt a need to do anything else since. Also, I body brush before every shower (discourage cellulite, encourage skin tightening, brightening, and good circulation), massage a mix of Vitamin E and coconut oil into my skin after showering, and I oil pull every morning. The benefits of oil pulling are too many to list here... http://www.jonbarron.org/article/oil-pulling-detoxing

  22. i recently started using coconut oil on my face/neck/chest...and it's kind of the best ever. plus smells awesome. maybe i should give olive oil a whirl too!

  23. Olive oil is sooo good for your skin! It's actually also a natural makeup remover. I just put a little bit on a cotton ball and apply it to my eye makeup..comes off so easy and doesn't leave your sensitive skin around the eyes dry and irritated!! Love it!

  24. I still can't believe you do that....

    my face would go insane.

    but maybe with the clarisonic?

    that MIGHT work.

    and lloyd, i mean colty...looks a lot better now :)

  25. My Mom swears by using Olive Oil as well!!

  26. I use it on my feet and heels in the winter. I have never put it on my face though. I'm skeered.

  27. Holy shit STFU about his hair already. Drama queen psycho.

  28. Is it bad that I actually really like his little comb over?!

  29. I have never heard of olive oil on skin before but this is so smart (and cheap!). I can't wait to try it! And PS your little guy is a stud with his new haircut...but I still can't wait to see the curls grow back :)

  30. Raven you are the most self absorbed superficial person I have ever come across. Your poor son looked like a girl - an UGLY girl before the haircut. The weird Mohawks, the painted fingernails, then a blog post by mom making fun of them. Great job parenting, raven. I fear that your quest to appear as a "cool" mom will backfire when your boys are old enough to understand the things you say about them. And the dresses you wear with the elastic right below your boobs make you look really fat.

  31. Wow TazLady!!! That was a very UGLY comment you made. Didn't your mom teach you, if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all? You do know that you do have the option NOT to read?
    Raven - I love your blog. It makes me laugh. When your boys are old enough, they will appreciate everything you have written about them. Oh and you don't look fat in that dress.

  32. Doesn't your hubby know the first cut is the deepest??

    I had to. He still looks cute tho! Someone decided it was a good idea to shave my sons hair. Really??

  33. Haha Tazlady is funny. Doesn't she know that your rubber and she's glue and whatever she days bounces off you and sticks to her? Duh. I have used coconut oil for stuff, but I'm still trying to get up the courage to try it on my whole face. Soon...maybe.

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Raven, your complexion is flawless! I'm a 28 yo mother of two who has spent most of my life worshiping the sun. The combo of the two has left my face with freckles and dark spots. Are you just super lucky and have always had such even skin tone...or do have any secrets to share???? Thanks in advance for any info you're willing to share...I just love your blog!

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