The Hair Aftermath

Sometimes, you have no words.

I had no words yesterday when I posted that post and then I once again had no words when I read all your guys' comments. 

I. Busted. Up. Laughing.


If you want a good time? Read the comments. Serious. 


Obviously, I booked an appointment the next day with my hairstylist to please, for the love, can you fix it??

And then I snapped this picture of Colt before he went under the scissors...

and I died a little. Because he had no idea, no clue, that he looked like a complete dweeb, yet he smiled a big missing-tooth smile with no comprehension of what was going on.

Bless his little heart.

I call the below..... "not impressed."


I mean.


Before I show you the end result, I want to share with you this picture my mom shared on facebook yesterday, with the caption "Where am I?"

My beloved cousin Shiloh commented "is that Raven crying over Colt's hair?"

HA. Ha. 


Yet, here is the professional "after" pic...

I know it doesn't look that bad, but let me tell you, this photo was taken from a really. good. angle.

And then here we are, half mullet half bowl cut professional clean-up style with nowhere left to turn besides flat waiting it out. Know of any good beanie shops?


And now...I have something great for ya'll...

An awesome giveaway that you all are sure to love...

Well hello lovers!  I’m Kelly & I write a Fashion & Lifestyle blog called Messy.Dirty.Hair. 

blog about my personal style along with my life navigating through my late 20s. I believe in messy hair & embracing the imperfections in life. I started my blog because I wanted to show people you can still be trendy & chic but natural at the same time.  As we say over at Messy.Dirty.Hair. - embrace the mess. 

So you're probably wondering why I'm here. Well, Raven is my favorite blogger. I love everything about her, which means I love her readers. Since Raven & I are both hair chameleons....I too have gone through many, many colors of hair in my lifetime I thought it would be fun to give away something relating to hair to her fabulous readers! 

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  1. How do you feel about buzzing his whole head? That way it would grow back in all the same length :/ I cut my own hair like this when I was 6, super flattering.

  2. What does your husband have to say for himself? Did he actually think it looked good?

  3. ohh the hair. so cute yet so terrible which makes it perfect. i once substitute taught a class and a little boy cut his hair in class. hence I should not substitute teach.

  4. How do you enter the giveaway?

  5. I'm not the typical one to really fall for someones kids, but that Colt of yours will have women wanting to have his babies when he's older. MUCH older!!

  6. I love the "dweeb" comment - his smile is just so precious!!! It still looks kind of mullet-ish, though? Why not just cut the back and sides up shorter so it grows even?

  7. Raven, I'm concerned your son has a mullet. The good news is you're just one step closer to a rat tail, which repels the ladies like nobody's business.


  8. Oh this just cracks me up. Poor kid has no clue. Can't be any worse that the bowl cut my mom made me have when I was little which she then permed because someone thought I was a boy. A permed bowl cut. Picture that and laugh!

  9. I think I'd give him a buzz cut. He still looks quite feminine.

  10. Oh my gosh my mom was such a creep about your post yesterday, she had me take out my phone at dinner and show Chris. She couldn't even explain to him what it was because she was snorting/laughing so hard.

  11. That poor child! Why does everyone keep going after his hair?!?!
    I would feel like I was in a scene from the Twilight zone if I was living out this saga!!
    Raven, you must, I repeat, must, shave his head again. He can't walk around with that haircut :X

  12. I literally died laughing/crying at your post yesterday. Oh my heart broke for you. I think you need to take every pair of scissors in your family's surroundings and HIDE THEM ALL. lock them up or SOMETHING! haha
    Bless his heart, he is still so stinkin' cute. Praying for long luscious locks...

  13. LOL Oh man this image will be burned in my mind for a long time! heehee. Hide all the scissors! :) He is so cute

  14. ok- seriously dying over his hair. hahaha, aw! he is SO adorable. Honestly, this is the best story ever for him. Hilarious. How's Rob liking the Dog House?

  15. I just want you to know I am a new follower and we were just told my mom's cancer had returned the day you posted the initial tragic haircut post.....my mom, 3 sisters and I have died laughing over these posts....thank you we all needed a smile and laugh SO bad!!!

  16. Hahaha oh man. At least his adorable face is still shining :) I wonder why she didnt just give him a short boy's length hair cut?

  17. I literally just LOL'd really hard at those pics ... and then felt like a horrible person for laughing at a child ha :( I'm sorry. Of course he is adorable no matter what. But one day he is going to be so pissed at you for sharing these pics to the world wide web hahahahahaha I love it! XO

  18. I think "Gossip Girl" with the new haircut...like teenage debonair ;)

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