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Wednesday, January 16, 2013
I'm starting a new sorta-series here at Don't Quote The Raven, where every Wednesday, I will be letting you all in on my top three favorite things of the week. Because here it is: I am a product junkie. A shopaholic. A food lover. And when I come upon something I just must have...well...what better thing to do then share it with the blogosphere, right?



I've talked makeup a few times here on this blog, and I've tried lots and lots of products. When it comes to foundation, I am always on the search for the perfect one. Ladies and gents, I have found it in Sephora's Make Up For Ever HD foundation. No lie, I have tried almost every foundation under the sun, but always, always come back to this here product. It covers like no other while also not making me look like I have a face full of hardware on. It's lightweight, yet covers so well. And no, I wasn't paid to promote this product whatsoever. I pay the standard $42.00 whenever I need a refill. A refill very well worth it's price.


We all know about lululemon yoga pants. I have two pairs that I have worn religiously. I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for, and yes, lululemon is spendy, but it lasts. The two pair of pants I wear have been around since before my second child was born, and are still in excellent shape.

However. That sh*t be expensive!

So imagine my surprise when I found a brand of yoga pants that were half the price of my beloved lululemons. And not only that, but they were good quality, made my ass look on point and were extra long in length. Now, I'm no 6 foot model, but it never fails, whenever I find myself a pair of decent yoga pants, the first time I wash them, they shrink and it looks like I'm wearing high waters so to the goodwill pile they go.

Not Green Apple pants. I tell you no lie, when I found these gems at the local TJ Maxx, I immediately snatched up three pairs, and when I got home, I ordered another pair online. They are quality. They are made of amazing eco friendly fabric and they are long. Hallelujah are they long. Even after a few washings.

And like I said above, the most amazing part? They are half the price as lululemons and just as good in quality and style. 

At least in my never to be humble opinion.


Ok ladies, I'm sure this is something you can all identify with: You have a purse, which needs to hold your credit/debit cards, cash, keys and your beloved iPhone. I don't know about you, but no matter what bag I buy, my sh*t always gets lost in the "black hole." Know what I mean? No matter how many pockets or zippers I have, I am always digging for my keys at the last minute or fishing my ringing iPhone out of the bottom of my purse.

So whaddusay no more. 

Enter the amazing Stella & Dot Chelsea Tech Wallet - Black Snake. It's small, not something huge you have to lug around and has the perfect spot for your beloved iPhone.

Because let's be honest, our iphone's are our livelihoods, am I wrong?

I have the iPhone 5 btw, so it will fit any model

About that black hole in regular purses? Where keys seem to disappear into the abyss? This Chelsea wallet has been my lifesaver, as I just hook my keys to the outside clip and never have to fish for them again.

And let's be today's day and age, we all want something easy, more compact, less bulky. I have completely traded in my regular sized purse for this Chelsea wallet and have been nothing but satisfied. I can go into a crowded bar and know that everything I need is guarded around my wrist. My precious iPhone is protected and my monies are safe and secure.

Oh. Not to mention the design is fabulous. Faux snakeskin? Totally in.

Get yours right HERE and check out other amazing Stella & Dot products HERE

You can also visit and "like" this facebook page to stay up to date with the latest Stella & Dot products.

Happy shopping friends.

32 comments on "Wednesday Top Three"
  1. I can't wait to find some Green Apple yoga pants! I have ridiculously long legs but I'm teeny, so you can imagine how high-watered most yoga pants are on me even pre-washing!

    Thanks for the recs!

  2. Gonna keep my eyes open for those yoga pants! Great tip!

    =) Brooke

  3. I'm going to search for those green apple pants ASAP. Not going to lie I am almost always in workout pants ;)

  4. Gimme those yoga pantsssss.

  5. I love a god wristlet wallet. I traded my purse in two years ago for this! Best this I ever did! I hate to carry a purse now!

  6. I love the MU4E foundation! Isn't it amazing?!! I want to find the green apple yoga pants now!

  7. Loveee that wallet! I must go check it out now! happy wednesday!!

  8. that's it. i am getting that makeup forever foundation. i am officially convinced.

  9. Those yoga pants are my FAVORITE!!! So glad you like them : )

  10. Oh! I love that wallet! Blogging is a black hole for me, I keep finding things through blogging that I need to buy!

  11. I love this idea for a series! I'm not a 6 foot tall model either but I can completely agree with you with sweat pants shrinking 3 inches after washing them the first time! I'll have to check these babies out. Thanks or the suggestion!

  12. I need to get me some Green Apple Yoga Pants. I am 5'9'' and it NEVER yogas become floods in no time! Thanks for the tip :)

  13. I went online to order the yoga pants, are they pretty true to size?

  14. Good lord I need all three. I'm a drugstore maven for my makeup but the foundations never seem to work well enough.

    I've never even stepped foot into a Lululemon in fear of buying the whole damn place.

    And that last one? Yeah I need that the most. When I go out I stick my ID and cards and cash into a ziplock and stuff it in a wristlet because there isn't a separate zip part and I know my drunk ass will lose it. And the key part is even better because just last weekend I got locked out after not having my key and had to have my boxer clad landlord let me in at 4am...

  15. Thanks for the great tips - headed over to Stell and Dot now :)

  16. hm..I looked at the website for those pants and it says they are 33 1/2"...guess I have to stick to my prized lulu's =)since I AM 6' tall. ;)

  17. I have the opposite problems with yoga pants. I am super short so everything is soo long on me!!

  18. I better be teh #1 thing you love next week...

  19. I love the wallet! I just bought some yoga pants like these last week and I am addicted! So comfy! What a great post! I don't think I would be able to decide between my favorite things!
    XO Brooke

  20. new(ish) reader here.. love your blog ;) I just have to say that I am wearing green apple pants at this moment! haha! I stumbled upon them just yesterday at Marshalls for the first time, and was shocked by their length as well! (In fact I was checking all the other sizes too, just to see if it was a mismake, or mistake!) Awesome, awesome find! :)

  21. THANK YOU for posting about those yoga pants. I think I need to buy some! I think Lulu's quality is going downhill. I've bought 2 Groove pants in the past year and the fabric is way thinner than 4 years ago!
    I've seen that foundation posted everywhere...ughhhh I think I need to bite the bullet and get my cheap ass to buy it.

  22. Oh man I want those Yoga pants. Do you think their stuff runs small or large or what? I DO NOT like the last Lululemon pants I got, after drying them twice they look horrible. I wanna try that foundation too, I just refuse to shell out that much without trying first because I'm so picky about foundations.

  23. I posted about this in my blog today - I hope that's ok :)

  24. I just bought that foundation this past weekend because YOU have talked it up so much!! And it has not disappointed! I was using the Giorgio Armani one before (thats 60+ bones BTW!!!) and I think this is just as good, if not better quality!! You da best for suggesting it!!
    And I neeeeed some of those yoga pants!!

  25. Awesome yoga pants & wallett purse! Yep the Iphone is pretty important. <3, Amy

  26. I need the Chelsea wallet, asap.

  27. Ok regarding the makeup! I feel like you have amazing skin even without makeup so I need to dig into this a little deeper.

    I need full coverage without the caked on look - I've looked at this one but you do mention that it's "lightweight" I do have some redness and imperfections I'd like to COVER/smooth out, do you think this is heavy enough for that?


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