What I Did Before I Met My Husband

I realized that I started this blog a few years after I got married and had my first child, therefore no one really knows much about me before then. So at the risk of sounding presumptuous thinking you all may be interested in pre-marriage&babies Raven, I'm going to just go ahead and write a big ol' post about it. 

I won't take you all the way back to my birth (Rob got his first speeding ticket before I was even born) but I will start straight out of high school. I graduated with a class of 13 (private school, remember?) and went to college that next fall at Eastern Washington University. 

Let me just stop right here and say that the other day, when I was going through my old photos, I realized that I was...quite wild. Not even sure if it was wild in a good way or just...wrong. However, I do know that I had a freakin' blast (from what I can remember, and judging from the photos) and that I basically just ran my life on the sole purpose of having fun. 

Which brings us back to college. I went right after high school and moved into an apartment with my good friend Marisa (whose mom happens to be Gunner's pre-school teacher, which is why I think she understands when he brings some toys to school in a Crown Royal whisky bag) but college wasn't fun.

(all images are pictures of pictures, 'cause obviously, this was 10+ years ago)

at my college apartment. most likely smiling because I'm not at school. and I mean, who isn't happy in their college bed...

So I left and did something more fun.

I went snowboarding for the winter. Worked at Mt. Hood Meadows ski resort and instead of lunch breaks, we took snowboard breaks. I lived in a house with two friends and made some of the best memories to this day.

in front of our mountain home, standing by my beloved Navajo. that car got me through lots of rough weather.

After the ski season was over, I moved back home, not quite knowing what I wanted to do. I'm pretty sure I attended a few classes at the local community college, but don't quote me on that. I'd been home for about one month when I sporadically up and moved to Las Vegas. Ten days later, I rented a u-haul and drove myself back home. 

Within two weeks of being back once again, I got a job at Meadow Springs Country Club. I had never waited tables before but loved the atmosphere and the people. Drinking on the job was practically enforced and I won't tell you what happened in the storage closet. Good times.

hanging out with work friends

About six months after working at the club, I became a homeowner when I bought my very first townhouse at 21. It was in a new construction community and I loved it. I lived on my own and have very fond memories of my time spent in that little 1200 SF cozy casa.

I mean...I was 21 years old, ok? totally valid excuse for that clothing ensemble.

I met Rob while working at the country club. He had just become divorced and after a few times of him repeatedly asking me out and leaving random roses on my car, I finally relented and went on a date with him. About six months after we started dating, I quit my job at the club and went to work for my dad for the next five years, doing ad design and production for a real estate magazine.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

one of our very first photos taken together. on a trip to LA New Year's Eve, to watch the Rose Bowl the following morning. 

I ended up selling my townhouse, made a pretty nice profit which allowed me to pay off my car, my boobs and my Victorias Secret credit card and moved into Robs home (now my home) after we got married. If you're interested, you can read our love story here.

And now here we are, 2013, married for almost 8.5 years and have almost 3&5 year old little boys. 

Ahhh, the good ol' days. As much reckless fun as I had back then, I wouldn't trade it for where I am now. An old haggard mother who barely makes it out of her yoga pants more then twice a week. 

But, I do still love to let loose every now and then, I mean, that's what weeknights Vegas is for.


  1. Loved your story Raven!! Don't worry, my bf is 12 years older than me! He didn't quite have his first speeding ticket before I was born, but it was close!! Country clubs are super fun to work at! Been there!!

  2. loved your story Raven!!
    and you bought your first house when you were 21?that's amazing.

  3. I love the private school class of 13, only because I can relate. We moved to South Carolina when I was 16, but if I'd stayed in TN in the city I was born and raised in, I would've been #9 in my graduating class. Fun times, fun times.

    And by fun times, I mean "get the eff out of my business, people I've gone to school with my whole life!"

  4. I loved the open, honest and true story. Every woman kind of loses their own story after marrying and becoming a mother. There is nothing better in the world then having a family rely on you but it is nice to remember how we got there and what made us who we are today. Loved it!
    XO Brooke

  5. I went to Eastern too!
    Great story though!

  6. Love it, you had it so much more together at 21 than I do at 26!

  7. How cute was your little townhome? Love it!

    I had no idea Rob was that much older than you (since he got a speeding ticket before you were born!) ;) I guess he looks younger than he actually is because you def don't look older than you are! xoxo

  8. oh raven, i love this post! i love hearing about how they were "back when" and as a fellow private school girl i can relate to being a little wild. i can't believe you purchased your own home at the age of 21!

  9. i am such a sucker for these "back in the day" posts.
    sounds like me a little. left nc state, traveled the country selling silver jewelry with a wholesale company/moved to sc, went back to raleigh/nc state, then changed my mind again, back to raleigh, more college education (that i'm not using at the moment), met hubs, back to charlotte, back to raleigh, back to charlotte, back to raleigh, back to charlotte. true story. toe up.

  10. this was so fun to read..

    and shit girl, how did you have your shit together at 21, while i was wasted and doing ridiculous "we dont speak of these things on the internet" things..??? god. damn. it.

  11. You know what I love more than this post? Your flare jeans.

  12. Way cool. I love your townhouse! How on earth did you buy a home at 21 working at a country club?? You must have made excellent tips!

  13. A house at 21? And here I thought I was cool just for being able to count the amount of drunk pukes so far in life on two hands...

  14. Mt. Hood! My old stomping grounds! And when I say old stomping grounds, I mean...an intermediate ski lesson at age 10 that scared the crap out of me:-) xoxo

  15. ad design, thats fitting. learn something new evvvrrry day.

  16. I was wondering about your life before kids. Can't believe you owned your own home at 21! Awesome!

  17. I have read before about working at the country club, but I think this is the first I had heard of you working at the magazine. Neat! Would you ever go back to the magazine work when the kids are both in school? I thought I had my shit together buying a home at 23- but you beat me by a couple years. Love your town house! So cute!

  18. Loved this :) We all have our wild child days. Is it bad that I don't have kids and barely make it out of my pjs everyday? Lol.

  19. I love your story! This is nice. My Blog

  20. "Who isn't happy in their college bed..." I almost peed myself! Ha. :)

    I read your Vegas story... and that picture of you on the bull freaked me out at first. It looked like the bulls horns were your legs, and I thought holy shit that girl can do mad splits.

  21. Love your stories and the way you tell them - thanks for always making me laugh :)

  22. Your townhouse is gorgeous and you do look happy!! Yay for single life (kind of.. of course ;)


  23. Your college/ life experience sounds alot like mine! lol I had way to much fun, it's funny I only remember going to class a couple of times and I was there for 4 years...I definitely wasn't concerned in the least about my future. Sometimes I wish I had taken it more seriously...but hey, if I had, I wouldn't be where I am today!

  24. Dang, I wish I was able to buy a house at 21! That is a super cute townhouse. Loved getting to know the pre-married Raven ;D

  25. I love hearing more about you before marriage! I can't imagine you serving people. I feel like you would have told quite a few patrons off. Haha.


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