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Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Not mine, no no no. I got myself all nice and fixed, remember? It's just been a while since I've talked about the kids over here, and they are growing and just becoming so damn cute that I wanted to give ya'll a little update. Let's start with my sister Rachel's kids, shall we?

Just for those of you that don't already know, I have twin sisters, almost exactly two years younger then me. One of those sisters, Rachel, had twin girls herself approx. 16 months ago. Stella and Sophie, respectively. (Stella is older, by a handful of minutes but still, older nonetheless.)

I visit Rachel often and definitely get my baby girl fix over there. I'm still trying to decide which one is my favorite... changes daily, basically my favorite is whoever wants me to hold them the most. Which lately has been Rachel's other daughter, Poppy, who just turned one month old. Yes, yes you heard that right. She has three girls under 17 months. 

I do not envy her, that is for sure. Ok so maybe I do, just a little. Only because her girls are so darn cute!

Miss Poppy Cecile

As much as I do love those little girls, I am royally pissed off at my sister for taking my full-time babysitters away. Now that she had to go and birth some children, my parents split equal time watching her kids and mine. Which totally isn't fair. I don't even have a logical reason why it isn't fair other than JUST BECAUSE

I'm just so mad.

Moving on.

My babies. And yes, they are still babies, and don't none ya'll try to tell me differently. I don't care if in a month I will have a 3 and 5 year old, they are still babies I tell you, babies!

Let's start with this baby. My almost 5 year old baby. I bought him a brand new pair of shoes a month ago and they are already too small. What is that about? Also, he is "over" giving me kisses on the lips and will only kiss me on the heart. Which would be all great and wonderful if my heart wasn't dead from hearing that he no longer wanted to kiss mommy on the lips. I just makes me....sad.

This one. My Coltie. The potty training is going great, by the way. He only wears one diaper a day, during nighttime. He wears his undies to nap and hasn't once wet the bed. He begs and cries to go into the school with me every day I pick up Gunner, so I know he can't wait to begin preschool next year,

Which got me thinking...three whole days where I will have the morning to myself. What ever shall I do? Blog more? Spike my coffee with vodka? Or God forbid I get my ass on the treadmill and start working out again. 

I got it. I'll just do all three. At once. #genius

And finally, as if we didn't have enough sets of twins in our family, my cousin and his wife just gave birth to....wait for it....twins!

That's right, a boy and a girl. 

Mr. Stone and Mrs. Rogue.

And now I die.

35 comments on "Babies Update"
  1. dang! you guys producing cute babies.
    i die too

  2. Love all the cutie patooties!!! Those brand spankin new babes make my uterus hurt something fierce!!! Congrats to your fam!

  3. Oh my gosh so cute. As a twin I've always thought Id have them too!

  4. My babies are 13 and 15, and yes they are still babies! They are babies 'til they have their own babies.

  5. holy cow those fresh baby twins pictures are to die for!!!! cute names too:)

  6. Introduce me to Seth so we can get to work on popping out another set of twins.

  7. I agree - my 6 and almost 3 year old (he turns 3 2/23) will always be babies!! ALWAYS!!! My youngest really doesn't stand a chance b/c now I know he's my last he'll forever get babied by mommy!

    You have a family full of precious babies over there!

  8. OMG god bless all this cuteness going on today. Not going to lie my ovaries quivered and quite debating if I should work half a day and get it started lol. Jk, kinda ;) I don't have any children, but I do have a step son who is 8 and man time does fly. One minute they love you and then bam you better drop them off school like you don't know them (smh). Don't know when I will ever have kids, but I will not lie, having my adult beverages and leaving as I please, its one luxury I can not depart with just yet :D Thank you for this post made my bad day, a whole lot better. Your awesome!

  9. my baby turns one tomorrow and my other baby just turned 6, 2 weeks ago...and like you, they will always be my babies!
    I envy your sister, there are days with my two (5 years difference) that I want to pull my hair out, so KUDOS to her!

  10. Gunz just likes to kiss your boob?? Hey, it's where the heart is..... ;-)

    1. Haha Booby, that was my first thought exactly!!! Guess occasionally twins do think alike. ;)

  11. And I die too. Holy heck cuteness. Do you try and steal them? I would.

  12. OMG the picture with the pepsi - SO AMAZING. I'm gonna be honest, I didn't actually read any of this today, but that picture was adorable. You make great humans.

    XO :)

  13. Oh, Raven, all these kids are absolutely gorgeous. The pic of the Daddy holding the twins is priceless! Almost makes me want to have another one. ALMOST... My "baby" just turned 19 and is starting college. But yes, he's still my BABY. And always will be!!!

  14. Your family has too many good genes I tell ya!

  15. Wow! Cuteness overload! I love that last photo!

  16. Wow, your family makes some cute babies! Those twins make me melt omg.

  17. All the babies are adorable. But that last picture is like whoa.

  18. All the cute babies! Makes me want another one :D

  19. They are all so cute! And those last pictures are amazing....

  20. Holy baby fever post!! such cute cute kids

  21. Ummm...a "handful of minutes later"!?! Try an hour and 10 minutes!! Don't gip me on my hard work! And colt doesn't seem old enough to NOT be the baby. :( I can't believe he is almost 3!

  22. I actually LOVE those names! How different, but not too crazy. I can't imagine being sober with 3 kids that young.

  23. How adorable! Newborn pics always give me the fever. I love their little hats, too!

  24. Raven, if it makes you feel any better, my son refused to kiss me on the lips until last week... right before his 8th birthday :)

    Still time for the big guy to change his mind!

  25. the "babies" in your life are for sure the cutest around! and your two boys are definitely still babies. in fact, I hope when they're 18 and 16 you still call them your babies. :) (I can see the eye rolls now)

  26. Holy hell there is too much cuteness here for one post!!!!!!

  27. OMG cuteness OVERLOAD!!!! Love ALL of these pictures! Glad I found your blog - new follower!!

  28. It makes me so happy you call yours babies still. Mine just turned 3 and 5 and I still call them babies. Some dumb B tried to correct me the other day on fb and I wanted to punch her in the face. Of course they are babies!

  29. I just discovered your blog on Eat Yourself Skinny, and I just want to thank you for not making me feel bad about putting baileys in my coffee before my accounting class on tuesday/ thursdays. I just turned 21 so day drinking has become a bad habit..!

    You are hilarious and your kids are adorable! Can't wait to read more posts! :)

  30. They are freaking adorable!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

    The Hartungs Blog

  31. OMG so many cute babies! It's too much cuteness for words...seriously.


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