Road Trip

See sometimes, it happens. You go on a weekend road trip with your three year old and it works out. No more crib, no more bottle (he totally had a bottle), no more paci (he totally had a paci) and one super loud room fan and it's just like we were at home. 

Except we were in Pullman, Washington.

A little college town, the same town my mom, dad, sister and husband graduated from. The same town my husband played college baseball for and where he learned how to plumb, now here we are, millions of years later, and Rob has his own plumbing business. And I have one kid with a super intense personality.

right now, right here, in the pic above. this is what I went to bed with every night. absolute precious.

let me just speak out now and say that this cat...this....horrible spirit...this thing...we have affectionately deemed this thing the devil cat...I want to kill this thing...not even kidding. it's evil.

right here. colt climbed up this slide once, went down and was terrified. still he was determined to go back up, yet once up there, he got a little scared and needed auntie boobie to help him back down.

devil cat. i call this face "mom get this evil species away from me right. now."

this ring. we discussed boobie's upcoming nuptials where I nicely and kindly told her I would only wear this dress, with a blingy swarovski crystal belt, period. And I wanted a tiara. And a veil. And a vacation home in Bora Bora. (You can visit this link for a coupon page for David's Bridal!)

ok his leggings? softest ever, cutest ever. I got his from this shop. so cute.

every time I come to visit my sister, we drive on over to Moscow, Idaho for the worlds best bagel. not even kidding around here. worlds. best.

yes I only stayed for two nights, but make no mistake, the tin foil went up on the window asap. me and sleep don't mess around.

See here it is. I have a sister, two years younger, whom I call Boobie, and she resides in a little college town called Pullman, home of the Washington State Cougars. She manages properties there and I miss her desperately since she moved. Which is why we try and take a little road trip that way every now and then. And when we do, Boobie and I have an amazing time. She caters to me and loves my kid, and let's me sleep in while she watches the little monster.

I did miss my oldest angel baby, however he had a blast on his boys weekend.

Family. Is. Everything.



  1. Oh he is cute dear....
    Love his style in every picture somuch:)


  2. I'm guessing the cat is an asshole because it's ugly as sin.

    1. PS - is that a top knot I spy? Wth girl....lol.

  3. You, with the tinfoil is hysterical.

  4. Looks like you had a fantastic time! And you got to sleep in while your sister watched the little one.... Doesn't get better than that!

  5. First of all, your kiddo is ADORABLE. Second, that cat just looks evil.

  6. Aww your lil man is so cute! Those leggings are so awesome!! That satin dress is really something! What a perfect bridesmaids/maid of honor dress!!! =P

    Ergo - Blog

  7. My former roommate had an evil cat... I hear ya.

  8. So funny I literally almost made a road trip to Pullman this past weekend to celebrate one of my best friend's birthdays. I love the tinfoil...and the bagels...amazing!

  9. Callie looks hilarious! Maybe she was nicer to you this weekend because of her shame and embarrassment. I actually love the lion cut though, it cracks me up. Looks like fun. See you in 2 hours!

  10. You child is a doll...seriously cannot get enough of his cute face! And the cat...definitely looks evil. What's with the haircut?

  11. Tin foil huh? Did you bring that with you?? That cat looks like what I picture the devil looking like. Before I even read the post I looked at the pics and said to myself "there is the devil" then read the post. Scary!!

  12. Um hey Boobie rockin a sweet gem huh!!!

  13. Pullman is the place with the bitchin' cheese, right??

  14. ok seriously??!! that last picture of coltie with the bagel....so cute!!!! and do I need to post the pictures of you and cali bonding Sunday night?? such a fun weekend!! come back!!!!

  15. Looks like you guys had a great time visiting your sister! That cat has a pretty neat hair cut :D

  16. She has a beautiful rings! I can`t imagine life without my sister :-)

    Some Snapshots Blog

  17. Love Pullman! My brother graduated from there in December and it makes me sad realizing I have no reason to go back for a while..

  18. Okay is it just me or does that cat have boobs? Perhaps the awkward way it's sitting..either way, cats are the devil.

  19. Leggings are awesome. Your blog makes me happy. Someday, my wish is that my blog has "half" the popularity and fabulous-ness that is yours. For right now, I struggle. Keep posting, I will keep reading and dreaming. :)

  20. I freaking love his leggings! And just ordered the green mustache pair for my girls. Love the tin foil - very resourceful!


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