Why My Son Wears Red Nail Polish

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

+ instead of red, today Gunner is sporting OPI's Save Me +

I've talked about this kind of thing before, here and here, and basically, it all boils down to "who the f*&k really cares."

As in...

who cares if my boys have pink nails. All they have known in their life is seeing their mom paint her nails pink and red. And red, Gunner has announced, is his favorite color.


It's awesome. My boy has a mohawk and red nails. He loves waffles and the movie Days of Thunder. He tries to emulate me on the piano and says he dreams of one day being a race car driver. He cradles his "babies" in his arms and gets great joy out of smushing nasty bugs in our driveway. Gunner has a sensitive heart and a hardass spirit. At only five years old, he knows what he wants and one way or the other, he will get it.

See, my husband was a pro baseball player. And yes, how fun would it be for us to watch our boys play professional baseball? It would be fun, but watching them play a piano recital at a concert hall would be just as exciting, or seeing them follow their dreams as an artist would be equally amazing.

Rob and I want our boys to be happy. Not that kind of happy, but the real, true life kind of happy.

Because I love Gunner's mohawk.

And I love his red nails.

And I will continue to love whatever it is that he loves.

44 comments on "Why My Son Wears Red Nail Polish"
  1. <3 I love this post, and I think I have posted on one of your previous posts like this. I love when I see open-minded, caring, loving mothers like *you*. My wife is transgender, and has known since she was a little girl. She has never been able to embrace that, in front of her parents. I wish they were this open-minded! Your son sounds awesome, and I wish you all much, much happiness.

  2. he looks like you. totally. especially when he smiles like in the 3rd photo.

  3. he is too cute...I paint my daughter's nails while my 4 year old looks at us and chooses the color for us, but he never says he wants me to paint his nails :-)

  4. truth! My youngest son knows exactly what to do with an eyelash curler, blush brush and high heels but he's all boy with his pretend airplanes, crashing trucks and following ant trails! I agree, let them be and develop their own ways!

  5. Love this post... As long as they are happy that is what matters most!

  6. Love this soo much! While pregnant with my one year old I remember being like "He's going to play football" or "he's not playing basketball because I don't like to watch it" but now after having him I see it so differently. If he wants to be a ballerina like his mommy was then more power to him lol

  7. Ahhh he's sooooo cute!!! :)

  8. What handsome, cutie, adorable, little squishy face kiddos!! I just want to squeeze them! The message you have here is so true and so awesome! I couldn't have said it better myself.

  9. My 5 year old son keeps his ninja turtle sword in the back of his shirt 24/7, since September <3

  10. My three year old son has Blue Nails and he loves them.

  11. All I can say is thank goodness for mama’s like you! There are not enough of us that voice this, and make it so that it is okay, and not something to hide from our kids. The more we embrace it the more normal it will be and better a place for all of US!

  12. Hell yeah! He looks just like you in that first picture. Raven, you are a fabulous mother! I love how you are real and honest about your parenting style and how you stand by your kids NO MATTER WHAT they want to do. Wear pink shorts? It's cool. Red nails? No problem! xoxo

  13. Amen!! My 3 year old loves having his toes painted. He also loves helping me do my makeup and you better believe I have taught him the differences between my brushes!! He also LOVES getting down and dirty and ALL the boy things too. So who cares! I will LOVE my kids NO MATTER WHAT!!!

  14. You're a good mom, it makes me so sad to see some parents stifle who their kids are to fit silly gender norms. My brother used to wear a tutu when we played dress up together and I loved when we would play dinosaurs together...it doesn't matter! Being happy is what is important!

  15. And this is what a good mother would say! :) Amen!

  16. You are seriously the best example for what a mother should be!!

  17. My little brother was raised by my mom, me and 2 other sisters and they used too always paint his nails! (I never did b/c I was the tomboy haha) No one ever cared or said anything and this was over 18 years ago! But what you would never expect is that he just came out to me (me first) last summer that he was gay. I always wondered if that was a little hint too all of us, or if it was just something boys did at that age. I never knew otherwise since the rest of us were girls! And no one else I know has had the same experience! We love him to death of course and it would never change ANYthing, but thought I'd share. Thanks for the story!!

  18. And this is why I love you! :) I think you are an awesome momma!!!

  19. that's because you are a fabulous mother! he is just the cutest little guy!

  20. That's EXACTLY how Benny and I feel. We'll buy them dolls if they want them, we'll let them wear pink and ruffles if they want them because really, who cares? We want them to express themselves however they'd like...unless it's harmful.

  21. He is seriously adorable! That smile is a heart string tugger. Good for you for embracing him for every part of his personality and not just what fits into a box!

  22. This makes me like you even more!
    my son wears nail polish too & he loves it :)

  23. We say that too! We want our kid to be whoever he wants to be. (as long as it's not a drug dealer or something rediculous like that) You know what I mean. Zane loves lipgloss. Glitter lipgloss. You bet he wears that shit!

  24. Gunnar is what I call a true boy. Boys are gonna do whatever the hell they want, and could give two shits less what anyone else thinks! I think it's spirit is awesome and I hope he never changes :)

  25. who did you husband play ball for

  26. I love this so much :) I love the way you all parent and love your kids, makes me read your blog every day :) Im trying to do the same thing with my daughter, she's a rough and tumble kid, but still loves to wear dresses and knows kindness...the trifecta if you will :)

  27. girl preach.


  28. Such a wicked kid! Congrats!

  29. Completely agree, and exactly how I will raise my son!

  30. This post makes my heart absolutely swell! I'm currently working with kids and it breaks my heart when I see who I think are some of the most open minded parents freak out because their boy wants to wear a dress in dress up or something of the sorts. Gunnar looks just like you too! Absolutely adorable.

  31. ...and this is why I follow your posts. You are right. Who cares!

    It melts my heart to read your posts and feel the love that is obviously there

    XO Lourdes

  32. You are such a good mom and you are raising some wonderful little men! Who cares is right!

  33. who cares indeed! I love this post- glad you let a kid be a kid.

  34. gunz does have one sweet soul!!!! but..his nails are pink..not red? ;)

  35. He looks so much like you! That's the best kind of open-mindedness, good for you!

  36. I love your blog, and think you're freaking hilarious, though I do get a little miffed when you tease liberals (as I am one). However, you really show that not ALL conservatives are disagreeing on the same social issues that we are. It's a good reminder that you can't just lump someone into a category because of their political beliefs. This post brought a little tear to my eye :') Your son is adorable and he has a great support system in you and your husband!

  37. You're awesome to allow him to be HIM! Gunnar's adorable.


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