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I confess: my big ol' brown topknot up there will be no more after today. If you follow me on instagram, you know I am majorly majorly chopping off my hair and going blonde. Not boy short by any means, just a new 'do. I went shorter and blonder a couple weeks ago, but I think a few more inches and a few more highlights are in order. I will report back tomorrow via my instagram account.

I confess: being a skinny bitch sucks. Not that I've been one in a year or five, but I'm trying, and let me tell you, it ain't no walk in a German Chocolate cake. I could use a few more adjectives and synonyms but I think I summed it all up when I said for reals though, being a skinny bitch sucks!

I confess: is there anything worse, like, I mean anything worse, than being alone in your house and suddenly being startled by your pet who gets up and stands at attention -- ears cocked -- at well, nothing? Like you are dead asleep, or watching a show late at night, and your dog suddenly jolts up and seems to be looking at something…or someone…yet you don't see a thing? We all have heard that animals have a six sense, so when out of nowhere, this happens:

and your animal has that look in their eyes…is it not the automatic response to assume they see someone or something? Evil enough to torture you and kill your soul? Talk about scaring the living shit out of a person!

I confess: I understand working out, going to the gym, wanting to be healthy and look good in a bikini…but doing so at the expense of alcohol or pizza? What kind of world would that be?! Besides, I'm pretty sure that one can consist on only alcohol and pizza alone and maintain a svelte figure. I mean, I haven't personally tried it, but I'd be willing to take one for the team.

I confess: If you have been around these parts for more than a hot minute, you know I value my beauty sleep over my kids' well being. You also know I tinfoil the windows in my boys' room. Reason being, obviously, I want them to sleep in later. I have done this since the day they were born. Not even kidding, they haven't known sunlight from complete darkness in their rooms in well, ever. So when my boys started waking up before seven! a!m! I had to put the kibosh on that completely. 

I went into their room during the day and noticed a few slivers of light peeking through the tinfoil. No can do, not gonna happen, fixed that problem right up. But it was the group text with my sisters and cousin that I knew I had to share here with you all. Because if you ever thought I had any shame...

(I'm in blue.)

Hey. I'll take it.


  1. I think there is a happy medium in the weight loss department. I want to be skinny, but I don't want to be miserable. So I will live with a bit of extra fat on my body if it means I can eat Pizza and Dessert and have a glass of wine on occasion.

  2. I'm excited to see what you are going to do with your hair! I so wish I could pull off an even shorter look, but a) I'm to cheap to let someone else cut my hair and b) I feel like I would look way too weird.
    My dogs, and my horse, do that all the time and I probably look like an idiot while I am standing there staring at nothing with them. But it does freak me out, a lot.
    I could never go without pizza. That's just weird and cruel.
    That group text is hilarious!!

  3. Hahaha that text! Can't wait to see your new hair!

  4. that text convo = HILARIOUS.

  5. raven i'm so confused! 2 weeks ago, was that an old pic? if not, how is your hair in a top knot and dark brown with your shorter blondish hair from last week :) Either way, excited to see the results!

  6. Raven. You inspire me to be the best Momma ever! thank you for doing you! P.s can we be friends? I read your post about friends part 2, and I believe i qualify. Except I'll admit I cried this morning. ONLY because these pregnancy hormones make me CRAZY!!!!

  7. I feel so special that you like my current hairstyle enough to copy it :) Just make sure you don't accidentally end up having your best friend compare you to Kurt Cobain, from hairstyle, clothing, and right down to the butt chin, while you are driving past the exit to his hometown Aberdeen, WA: true story happened to me. But we don't always dress alike so you should be fine! -Cuz Meagan

  8. Seriously!? DIED LAUGHING at the text messages! :) Run on over to my blog. You have been nominated for an award.

  9. I think one CAN live on pizza and booze and be skinny.. maybe not super fit but skinny - if you make sure to add in dancing your ass off to that equation it might work (oh and add in the metabolism we had in college/HS as well...) I ate a crap ton of food and danced my drunk ass off all the time in my 20's and I was so slim. Why can't that work for me now. Pizza is my weakness!

  10. awe sweet savi girl. love her!

  11. I hate when my dog does that! In fact, he did it the last time my husband was on duty overnight, while I was in the shower, which made it 10 times scarier!

  12. RAVEN! Where have you been?! You'd disappeared from my Bloglovin feed somehow, and I saw someone mention you in a post, and I'm like, OMG, how am I just realizing this?

    I'm happy I've re-found you #1, and I'm chuckling because clearly, you still can't decide what hair color you want -- so, we're still the same in that way. ;) I just went supa' blonde yesterday, so, cheers to blondes!

    Missed your face. Xo.

  13. The tin foil story is awesome, I will have to remember that for the future haha!

  14. My dog gives me daily heart attacks when he starts barking for NO REASON!!!


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