A Day With A Woman


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I woke up before my kids this morning. Usually they are the ones up way before me, as I enjoy my sleep and not so much the freakish early hours loved by the littles, but today I wanted to get up before them and have a little quiet time to myself.

I poured myself some coffee, curled up on the couch in a big fluffy blanket with the dog at my feet and thought about how amazing it is to be a woman. I get to have this life, the one I chose, the one I always knew I wanted. No one ever said I couldn't have it (or if they did, I just didn't listen) and sure, there were obstacles along the way but nevertheless, I persisted. And yes, maybe I used a bit of my womanly charm along the way but what fun would it be to never cash those in? ;)

Being a woman is pretty awesome. I love the femininity that comes with being a woman - our curves, our tenderness, our compassion, and when we want to be, I love the badassery that only the most bona fide of us can accomplish. We hold so much power, us women, and it's not a responsibility I take lightly. I would hate it if I used my power in a way which made a fool of me - of us - as I never want to be a part of regressing our gravity and value to the world. We are so important, so very important and paramount in this existence and we must handle ourselves in a way that always proves our worth, not destroys it. I'm choosing to lead with positivity and love, what about you?

Being a woman is pretty awesome. As a woman, I get to have a husband. Someone who stands by me every day and protects and provides. Sure, I could protect and provide for myself, and I do, but no one does it better than my man. He's strong, he's steady, and who wouldn't want a God-fearing man whose life mission it is to honor and love them unconditionally? He bears my burdens and holds constant as my rock. He respects and upholds my femininity - because I myself respect and uphold it first - and he appreciates me for what I bring to the table. If this idea doesn't thrill you, then maybe you haven't found the right guy yet. Because speaking from experience, husbands are pretty cool dudes. 

Being a woman is pretty awesome. I get to be a wife! I get to be someone's world and their comfort. He knows my little quirks and yet he chooses to love me anyway, every day. We share life responsibilities together and I know I will always have someone to go though life with. I get to greet him at the door with a smile on my face; not because I'm oppressed and "it's my job" to do so, but because I love being one of the reasons he rushes to get home. I'm needed and I'm wanted. I enjoy taking care of my man because I know the benefits of doing so. It's incredible how the sweeter and softer I am to my husband, the harder he works to move mountains for myself and our family. He will never give up on us, and I will never give up on him.

Being a woman is pretty awesome. I get to take care of and nurture two little souls. My day isn't just solely about me anymore - thank God - and being able to love and hold dear these children of mine is a privilege I will never take for granted. No one can do it as good as I can, and for now, their well being is in my hands. Goodnight kisses, tight squeezes from little arms, fleeting glimpses of the men they will one day become, laying next to them and watching them sleep and being so overcome with emotions that you didn't possibly know a love like this could exist. It's a short, crazy ride, and I know I will miss it immensely when it's over, so for now, I will put every ounce of my being a woman into being the best mother I can be.

Speaking of those children, I think I hear little footsteps coming down the stairs...

Breakfast was busy, as usual, but I spent a little more time today making their pancakes extra special — arranging the blueberries into a smile, a strawberry nose and chocolate chip eyes, extra syrup. I tried to keep my composure when I had to ask them for the seventh time to put on their jackets, after all, they have kept theirs with me more times than I can count. I packed their lunches, kissed them both on each cheek and then sent them out the door towards the bus to take on the school day.

I then did a few more loads of laundry, vacuumed the upstairs for our guests coming this weekend, cleaned up the remnants of the kitchen and finally sat down at my computer ready to finish the articles I have been hired to write for the local paper. That's another great thing about being a woman; I can make the choice to stay at home and help with the income. I can make any choice I want, really.

At lunchtime, I'll take a break and pull out some ribeye from the freezer, dice up a few yukon gold potatoes in preparation and crush some fresh rosemary since I know it's my husbands favorite meal. I'll also pull out my favorite aqua vase as chances are pretty good he will be bringing home some of my favorite pink flowers. 

When it gets closer to the kids returning home from school, I'll get a snack ready for them because I know how hungry they usually are when they walk in the door. I'll kiss them both like I haven't seen them in months, but seriously, I really did miss them while they were away! They are the little pieces of me and an exact portrait of what the inside of my heart looks like.

I might take a look and see what the weather is like at the beach, as my husband surprised me with plans to take the family there in the fall. I know he knows how hard I work and this is one way he shows he appreciates me. 

After the long day is done, I'll sit back down on the couch with my fluffy blanket, dog at my feet and reflect for a minute on how amazing it is to be a woman. I get to have this life, the one I chose, the one I always knew I wanted. No one ever said I couldn't have it (or if they did, I just didn't listen) and sure, there were obstacles along the way but nevertheless, I persisted. And yes, maybe I used a bit of my womanly charm along the way but what fun would it be to never cash those in? ;)


It's pretty damn empowering being a woman.


  1. All of this. Love it.

  2. THIS. This is one of the best posts I've read in a long time. I want to show this to everyone who says "oh so your'e not a feminist" or "well then you don't support women" when I have a view that doesn't line up with theirs. I am so tired of the current culture around women and the hypocritical undertones in every single conversation. A huge thank you to you for constantly showing people one of the most beautiful ways to be a woman and showing everyone that there are so many amazing ways to be a successful and proud woman and for constantly honoring the gifts we have been given.

  3. your best post ever.....I mean ever....and I think I said that on the last post you wrote on Homework for Kids....but honestly....this....one....is....the....best.....

  4. Lovely post. In so many ways, we are very lucky to have all the we have. It's important to be appreciative and utilize our feminine power to our best ability.

  5. Is this post in free-write form, though? Zoiks! Hopin' your local paper doesn't see IT.

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