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// if you weren't a stay-at-home mom, what would your dream job be?

to be one of those people that takes baby lions/tigers/cougars and lives with them for a few years, hand raising them in a sanctuary or reservation. to cuddle one of those in bed every night would be my dream.

// can you talk a little bit about the age difference between you and your husband? can you discuss how your friends and family responded and how you feel about age differences in general? What have you learned about being with someone older and how do you handle the criticism?

my husband and i are 15.5 years apart. we started dated when i was 21 and he was 37. my friends and family never really had a problem with it, mainly because they aren't judgmental assholes. the only criticism i ever get is when i tell people who have never met my husband that he is 15 years older. a good majority automatically assume i married some old fart for his money. until they meet him, see how incredibly handsome he is and no, we aren't millionaires. 

what have I learned? well, i've always liked older guys. they seem more gentlemanly. more chivalrous, hunter-gatherer type. i think so many guys these days have been demoted to "simply an accessory that can be discarded on a whim." i like that he goes out and makes a living so i can stay home with the kids. i like that my husband wants to be head of the household. i like that he's the provider, the protector and the warrior of our family. i like his old school ways. chivalry and values are so lost on a lot of men these days. 

however make no mistake. i can't think of one single time where i didn't ultimately get my way. ;)

// out of everywhere you have traveled, what is your favorite place and why?

definitely kauai. definitely not the dominican republic

// when are you getting another tattoo, and of what? when do you think you'll stop and how old do you think is too old to keep getting?

i'll definitely be getting another one soon, something that has to do with my kids. when will i stop? egads. that's the thing most people will tell you about tattoos...once you start getting them, you won't want to stop. i would get an entire arm sleeve if my husband wouldn't leave me. how old is too old? hey, if granny wants to get one at 87, go for it. (you can see all my tattoos here)

// does mr. raven have any tattoos?

no. he actually hates tattoos. which sucks for him since i had five when we met. now i have eight, with plans to get more. i mean, i have his name tattooed on my ass. if that isn't true love, i don't know what is.

// what are your fave day to day makeup products?

i wrote all about my favorites here and here.

// how did you and rob meet? you mentioned before that he's a former ball player. what does he do now?

we met at a country club where i was working and he was a member. when i first met him, he was married, so i only saw him as a customer. albeit a really hot one with a nice ass. after he got divorced, he started pursuing me, and finally i said "ok fine." unfortunately, there was no juicy mistress storyline, he actually didn't even want to get divorced, however now that he has met me and knows how good sex can be, he thanks his lucky stars every night. (you can read what i did before i met my husband here)

he played baseball for washington state university, then went on to play for the milwaukee brewers organization. he quit for a girl (not me) so who knows how far he would have made it. today, he owns a plumbing business. need a plumber?

// i just watched the vlog you did with your husband and laughed my ass off. please do another one?

i'm not sure what it was that night, the stars aligned, the republicans won, however i'm pretty sure it was just the right amount of crown royal and a certain sexual favor promise, but i have tried time and time again to get my husband to do another vlog with me, and so far, it just ain't happening. 

faq's: the boobs

// how long ago did you have yours done, and why?

i got mine when i was 22. why? for one, i was a double a. but i never once thought about getting a boob job until i was 21 and a half. it was never on my to-do list nor did i really give it any thought. i was perfectly happy with my itty titties. until one year, my cousin decided she wanted one, then my sister decided she wanted one, and anyone who knows me knows i don't like being left out so obviously, i had to have one too. and yes, i paid for my boobs myself.

// does it hurt bad? what is recovery life?

this one is different for everyone. for example, my sister was able to go out to dinner the very next day, as her pain was minimal compared to mine. i couldn't move for two whole weeks. i distinctly remember sitting in a big fluffy chair at my moms house, falling in and out of consciousness from the pain meds, and thinking to myself, "this pain is so bad that if i had to do it over again, i wouldn't." looking back however, i am more then happy, and i definitely would get them done again.

// is it true you'll need adjustments (more surgery) every so often to keep them looking good?

from what i hear, yes. it's been almost ten years since i've gotten mine and things are looking pretty much how they did at the beginning so i'm not sure when i will need to go back in.

// is it true you have reduced sensation?

i personally didn't notice that much of a difference. after everything settled down, it was pretty much back to normal.

// what did your family think, esp your mom and dad?

both could honestly care less. neither one had anything negative to say nor did they try to sway me against it. my family knows my worth and doesn't define me based on my fake boobies.

// can we see before & after pics?

now if i could only be as skinny as in my "before."

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