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A Weekend Away

 just taking the short cut back to Brittany's house...up there on top of that hill.

This last weekend I made the three hour trek to the Palouse to visit my sister Boobette. She had a baby only three short months ago and I was dying to go and get my hands on that mini. I mean, favorite aunt status duh. Favorite sister status also but shh.

It just so happens, I got caught in a snow storm on my drive up. Basically it was the first time it really snowed in that area and the snow was gone by the morning, yet it seemed like a torrential downpour of icy precipitation was following my car down the highway like an umbrella. And let me tell you something: I have anxiety out the yang. This is nothing new, of course, but I'm also going on a month plus off my anxiety meds so in situations like this, it goes into overdrive.

I have this thing. When I am in certain driving situations, such as snow and ice and say, fog, as soon as I see headlights in my rearview mirror, I fuh-reek out. I have this internal dialogue going on inside my head like, "ohmygosh ohmygosh they are getting closer. That car behind me is going to be on my tail any second now and ohhhhhmyyyyygoooossssshhhh they are getting closer! I need to pull over, I need to pull over like right. now. but I can't because what if I slide down the embankment and flip my car?! Holy shit there they are!! What do I...I mean where should I...I mean how do I....I mean mommy!! Mommy come save me!" and I am not kidding.

So what do I do? I pull over. I pull over and let that fast driving, safety infringing terrible person who has no respect for human life pass me. Every. Single. Time. Which basically means I tack on an added 45 minutes to my drive because I have to pull over for about 20 cars. I don't know, it's just a thing with me. A crazy anxiety ridden thing but a thing nonetheless.

After dodging death on wheels, I make it to my sisters house and devour little miss Bria. She's heaven I tell you. The most sweet lovable calm (except when she isn't) smily baby alive. I got to watch her on Friday while mom and dad went to work, and it brought me right back to the days when my kids were still in diapers. It also brought me right back to my appointment in the doctors office when he asked me, "now are you sure you want this procedure? It's non-reversible you know." Yeah doc, I'm a million percent sure. No more babies out of this fish whistle thank you very much!

I still had the warmies holding her and rocking her and feeding her. I only had to change her diaper once while I was watching her alone, and I would have just let it sit until one of her parents came home but it was a wicked fierce blowout that left track marks from her swing to the bouncy chair so I really was left with no choice. And I gagged the entire time. Not just fake gagging, but real legit almost-threw-up for real gagging. I don't do poop. Sorry.

Besides baby snuggles, we did our usual things when I visit. Boobs lives in a tiny town right outside of Pullman, home to Washington State University. I think the population of her town is like twelve or something. We take walks, drink at her house, and that's about it. Oh and we also always always make our way across the Idaho border to Moscow Bagel and Deli because heavenly fire they have the best bagel sandwiches in the universe. Serious. If you ever make it to Moscow, go there.

But the food we had at home? THE FOOD. Brittany made homemade crab wontons, whipped goat cheese on crusty bread and the best buffalo chicken salad ever. Like, ever ever.


Hashtag diet food. Lulz.

As always, I get sad to leave. I love spending time with my sisters and gosh darnit boobs why you gotta move away like that? Whatever that's fine. Small town living is your thing, I get it. If you're fine not even having a local liquor store then more power to ya sugar.

But seriously?

Best mom ever.

Oh besides me I mean.


I'd give this one a 50/50

No idea what number Stitch Fix this is, all I know is I still get all excited when the box shows up on my doorstep. (Again, you can go here and learn everything there is to know about Stitch Fix - In short, you sign up, fill out a detailed survey about your style preferences and then your personal stylist picks out items just for you and they get shipped to your door every month. You keep what you want, send back what you don't. There is a $20 a month fee, however whatever you decide to keep, that $20 gets applied to the price of that item. I almost always keep at least one item every month (if not more) so there is basically zero loss involved.

- First outta the box was this Loveappella knit top. I didn't like it. So not my style. So many levels, not my style. The jeans on the other hand? L.O.V.E. They are Mavi Gold Skinnies and are so super soft. Probably one of the most comfortable jeans I've ever put on. Definite keep.

- If you are thinking, "wtf is that?!" So was I. I least I could do "gone with the wind fabulous" but that's about it. Is this 1974? Did I reincarnate into Laura Ingalls Wilder? Am I getting punk'd? Was Rob's ex-wife my stylist this month?! I just can't think of any other reason that this disaster would show up in my fix box! 

I guess you win some, lose some.

Speaking of...

- Ding ding ding ding ding! I LOVE THIS SWEATER thing-y. It's cute and tie dye which is so totally my thing. My sister makes fun of me for it but I can't help it if I look stunning in tie dye. Psshh. Don't hate.

Final thoughts? This fix was 50/50. I kept the jeans and the sweater and almost kept the necklace I'm wearing in the above photos but decided against it at the last minute. 

Want a fix of your own? Just go here and sign up!

*i don't get paid to endorse stitch fix but I do get 
a small referrel fee if you use the link provided :)


Why I Chose a Naturopath For My Kids

A few of you have asked me via email why I chose a Naturopathic doctor for my kids. I did it for a few reasons, but the main one was because of the reported overmedication of children. When I was pregnant with Gunner, I researched like a son of a b, reading online, reading books and talking to other people who swore by naturopathy. The more I learned, the more horrified I was at how much unnecessary medicine was given to our kids. I think sometimes people blindly follow what doctors say, and never think to question them.

I'm not here to preach what you should do with your family, I'm just here to give you my reasons for doing what I do with mine. I've talked in depth about my stance on vaccines here, but in short, my kids get their required shots (minus a few) but we go by an unconventional schedule. Only one shot at a time, spaced out by at least two weeks. I confess I usually go way longer than two weeks in between shots, but the end result? My kids will have most of their required shots by the time they enter school.

Gunner is four and still has yet to get his MMR shot. Neither of my kids will get the flu or chicken pox vaccine. (Again, you can read exactly why in my previous vaccine posts.) But spread out vaccines weren't the only reason I went with a naturopath. I knew I didn't want my kids to have any kind of antibiotics for the first two years, if I could help it. I have seen so many kids have horrible adverse reactions to antibiotics that it's scary. Your kid has a rash? A fever? A stomach ache? It seems antibiotics are given out as a first resort, and if you do your research, you will see how it has negatively affected children. This is a short but informative article I found when it came to this topic.

So many times my kids have come up with something suspicious...a nasty red puffy rash on their skin, extremely congested sinuses, high fever, etc., and as much as I wanted to run to the nearest urgent care center, I always went to their naturopath, and she always prescribed them herbal/natural medicines and they always worked. And I always felt so much better knowing I didn't taint their little bodies with unneeded stuff. For me, going anti-antibiotics was a no brainer.

What about you? Anyone out there swear by a naturopath doctor? Are you totally against it?

Also, if you have any questions, ask in the comments and I will answer all tomorrow.

Written by Raven Smith



**In commemoration of today, I decided to re-post this blog post from two years ago.


Sometimes, certain things happen in life that change a person. Changes who they are, how they react, how they view life and whether or not they want to off themselves.

Oh, and when it happens twice? In one lifetime?

Complete and utter devastation. Doom. Disaster. End of times. 

What am I talking about? Let me get you up to speed here...

I had a precious, precious baby boy on March 14th, 2010. He was born within five hours of arrival at the hospital and only required 2.5 vaginal pushes. When he first came out, I noticed the abundance of goo and sticky-ness all over him and promptly asked the nurses to clean that thing off before handing it to me but more so, I saw what an incredible head of hair goobaby had. I mean...amazing.

day one of being alive

That head of hair kept on keepin' on, as it grew into the most amazing ringlet curls you ever did see on a little boy. And the naysayers who told me to cut it? Sheeew....I'll cut you if that's alright.

It was beautiful.

I prided myself on his long, thick curly hair. I loved it. And no amount of anyone telling me to cut it would detract me. I mean, the ringlets! Seriously?!

But then we went to the Caribbean and left the kids with my parents. And my mom decided to take Colt for a haircut. "Just to trim his bangs" she said.

Mmhmm. Right

That visit "just to trim his bangs" ended up with this hack masterpiece...

I came home from the Bahamas and wanted to cry. And I did. Hard, bad, ugly tears.

I was so pissed that I just said "eff it," and shaved his entire head.

We were heading off to Hawaii the next week (where my dreams of having a long haired surfer baby frolicking in the ocean were demolished into teeny tiny pieces) and my mom tried to make a funny by saying "well maybe they will think he's a Make-A-Wish baby and give you special attention."

Really funny mom, real funny.

That was almost one year ago. And finally, finally, my little angel baby's hair was growing back. 

this photo was taken just a few days ago

Fast forward to yesterday. I asked Rob if he could be home between 11 and 2 so I could go visit my sister and her new baby. I had a very relaxing time at my sisters house holding my sweet little Poppy, relishing in my time alone and feeling confident in the fact that my kids were in good hands.

I kissed Poppy and the twins goodbye, got in my car, jacked up some old skool Britney and arrived back at home in record time. I walked in the door and as per the usual, both kids came bombarding towards me with hugs and kisses.


Oh Except.

What I saw next I don't think I will ever be able to erase from my memory. See, my love for my kids is tethered to their appearance. They look good, I look good. They look bad? Well, wasn't me...

Cute kids are just easier to love...

But for all seriousness. I have an image to upkeep. I am the tree. My kids are the branches. They are a reflection on me. And when I came home from visiting my precious newborn niece and saw this???

WHAT! THE! F&%K?!?!?

I mean...I just...I....I....I HAVE NO WORDS!!!

Turns out, while I was rocking the presh Poppy to sleep a mere ten miles away, my husband decided to take the kitchen scissors and give my youngest a trim.

In his exact words:

"he wanted his hair out of his eyes so I got it out of his eyes."

Yes, yes you did Rob. You did indeed get his hair out of his eyes. Thank you for that, btw, as in the past few hours he has been compared to a few pretty impressive people.

Such as Lloyd Christmas from Dumb & Dumber...

right down to the em-effing missing tooth!!

and Ishmael from Kingpin...

really?? did he have to cut his bangs so far back?!

The text comments I received were the icing on the cake, however.

From my mom - Omg! Which bowl did he use?

From my cousin - Is Rob drunk?

From my sister - Well at least now you have good blogging material.

From my other sister - Buahahahahahahahahaha!!!

I am just SO heartbroken.

I mean, could you love a face haircut like this?


ps. your guys' comments on instagram last night? Had me rolling. So thankful for you all to make light of such a situation. You provided me with many good laughs.