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Boat Races 2015

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Basically, the boat races is my childhood. I'm 34 years old and I've attended the boat races for 33 years of my life. (There was that ONE time I thought it would it be best to skip the event...totally didn't turn out so well.) See, my mom grew up in the house on Riverhaven basically her whole life, and then she and my dad moved kittycorner (approx. 11/18th of a mile from Riverhaven) which was my childhood home from 13 years on, 'til I moved out into adulthood. Then my sister and her husband bought said childhood home which they totally remodeled and which they turned my room into their twins' room...pssshhhhh. Anyway. Just like my cousin married my husband's brother...we like to keep it all in the family 'round here.

This annual event came on the heels of Seth and Jaianne's wedding...they aren't taking their honeymoon until winter, and so many of the people I hung out with I had met at their wedding. So many people that I just absolutely fell in love with! Which I believe, is just a testament to our amazing family. Anyone we bring in, or hang out with or love and spend time with...all amazing. All super kind and friendly and loving and real and true...basically, my kind of people.

For the past few years, my mom has taken my kids away for the entire weekend. Kind of to give me and Rob a weekend to ourselves, probably also kind of because my mom values the safety of her grandchildren, but still...a nice gesture. And usually, we gather up the crew and take the boat out for the weekend,  but wouldn't you know, our boat got busted and it hung out in the shop all weekend. (No worries, it will be back and running this weekend for the big Smith family reunion at Lake Roosevelt.)

Even though I didn't get to do my ushe, it turned out to be a pretty awesome weekend. I got to hang out with my sisters and their kids, my amazing friends and family and cousins and aunts and uncles and it was seriously so much fun! And then we had a massive game night of Pictionary at my house, which included quad rides and late night firepit talks and neighbors coming over and deep convos about book series and so. many. laughs!

I loved this weekend. I always love this weekend. I always look forward to this weekend and probably always will. I mean, let's be honest here...Rob is 50 and kept up with the 20-somes like no ones biz. And kicked ass at the bean bag game. And was completely inappropriate the entire time talking about cats and stuff. Still. 

It was a weekend to remember. 

That I just kinda remember. 

The Rehearsal Dinner

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

The rehearsal dinner for the Pischel wedding was held at my Grandpas house on the river and it was gorgeous. Weather was perfect, the taco bar was amazing and besides a little yellowjacket nest mishap (which got one three year old stung 8! times) the night was a huge success.

I've already waxed on and on about my love for the bride, but through all this I got to meet her very best friends (and fellow bridesmaids) and they are all amazing! I loved getting to know them and it was just such a great group of girls. I can't WAIT to share the professional wedding photos with you guys...just about everyone at the wedding said it was the most beautiful wedding they have ever seen. 

But this weekend! This weekend is the annual Water Follies and it's their 50th anniversary, which is basically one of my favorite weekends out of the year mainly because my mom takes my precious angels away and doesn't bring them back until Monday afternoon. So it's like a mini Vegas vacation on the water where I have not many responsibilities. 

Be sure to follow along on instagram (username: ravenasmith) as I'll be posting tons of photos as always. You can see past boat race posts here, here and here

Happy almost weekend!

The Bachelorette Party

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

There was a most amazing wedding in the history of ever last weekend, but I'm gonna hold off on that and start with the bachelorette party. 

I've talked about my cousin Seth here a few times. He's pretty okay looking, not much of a catch, kind of an eye sore, I mean...

...ok fine, let's be honest. He's pretty awesome. Like, totally a 9.785 on a scale of 10. One of those guys that could totally play the field if he wanted to but yet all he looked for in life was someone who could be his partner and future mother of his children. Someone who loved his Nonie more than anything and values his family above all else. 

My cousin Seth is a pretty awesome guy and wouldn't you know, he just happened to find a pretty awesome girl: and then he asked her to marry him and she totally said yes.

The first thing I loved about Jaianne was her hair. SO jealous, not even gonna lie. I've tried in vain so many times to get that perfect interrupted curl. I mean, for girls with long flowy hair, it's all a breeze. But when you have short hair, getting that perfect messed up bedhead look takes effort. However, all of my "your hair looks so amazing!" comments were always followed up with, "really? This is just left over from last night." 


After I got past the amazing hair, I fell in love with the amazing person. I'm no softy nor do I like to wax on and on about emotional semantics, but no one can deny the incredible allure of a person like Jaianne. (More of that to come when I blog about their wedding...stay tuned.) But seriously guys, she's amazing. An elementary school teacher who has the biggest heart for kids. I'll never forget one of the first times we ever hung out: I had my kids with me, and she made a huge effort to interact with them. To play with them and talk to them. It wasn't for show and she didn't do it to make herself look good, no, she did it because she was genuinely interested in who they were, and it came across clear as day that she absolutely loved children. Even mine! (insert side eye emoji here)

Then we got to know each other even better. Spent more time together and one day she asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. I don't cry, and I cried a few tears that day. Because let me tell you something...I make no excuses when it comes to my opinion on weddings. I think they have become cheap and a show. Whenever I go to buy a wedding gift, I usually ask myself, "who do I like better? The bride or the groom?" Because whomever the answer turns out to be, that is who I buy for, because chances are that soon the happy couple will split, and my present will reside in either a raunchy bachelor pad or single girls gone wild.

I had none of those thoughts when it came to Seth and Jaianne. Not even close. If there were ever a couple who were in it for the long haul, a couple that meant what they said when they declared their vows before God, or a couple so damn good looking like how does this even happen...well then...

once in a lifetime?

So honored to be a part of it.

And I would be remiss to forget to mention that Rob, our boat caption for the bachelorette party, sported hot pink shorts in it's honor. I mean, I think I heard more than once... "seriously? I have to drive all these bikini clad girls around all day all by myself?"

Such a trooper, that one....

When Your Husband Turns 50

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Monday, July 13, 2015
Lake Roosevelt for Rob's 50th

I met Rob when I was 21 years old. Little 'ol waitress (who owned her own condo and paid her own bills, lest me not fail to mention) falls for the seven handicap golfer. Our love story is really like no other, but coming up on eleven years married, we are now that boring old married couple. 

I remember the day I met him: super high waisted tapered jeans, teal silk shirt tucked in. It took some convincing on his part, but finally I obliged and allowed him to accompany me and my friend to dinner. Which I'm so glad I did because let me tell you...this guy is something else. 

Even at 50, he's stronger and sharper than ever. Having two crazy boys doesn't dampen his energy level in fact it keeps him young. He gets down on the ground every night and wrestles with them. He works from 4:30 AM til 6 PM during busy weeks. He cooks dinner 50 percent of the time. He wears pink for me whenever I ask. He runs faster still than my seven year old. He protects and takes care of my two precious angels. He's the best damn dad I ever did see. He still wants sex five freaking times a day. HE BROKE FIVE RIBS AND PUNCTURED A LUNG EIGHT MONTHS AGO AND HE STILL BELLY FLOPS OFF THE BOAT! 

Just last week...


I kid a lot, I joke a lot, I make fun of totally legit things like high waisted tapered jeans but come on...look what I have him sporting these days! Hot pink swim shorts...I totally win this one. 

And did I mention what a great dad he is? 'Cause he totally is.

Happy 50th you old fart.