About Me

My name is Raven and I write this blog here called Don't Quote The Raven.

Why not quote me? Read a post or two and you will know why.

I am a mother of two precious angel monsters and wife to one male. He is 15 years older then me and I met him whilst working at the local country club. Before meeting my husband, I attended college for two semesters before I quit to go snowboarding, and then sorta just never went back. After a winter of snowboarding, I moved to Las Vegas for ten days, decided "nope" and drove the 18 hours home with a big u-haul attached to my SUV, stopping only five times for gas. It was then that I got a job at the country club, which afforded me the luxury of purchasing my first ever townhome at 21. I worked at the country club for two years, quit to go work for a magazine publication for the next five, and had an awesome boob job somewhere in between. 

my heart

I'm a conservative with a few liberal tendencies, but gun control is not one of them. Try to take my gun away and I'll...well...shoot you. (Ok so I don't have a gun, yet, but I will. And it will be hot pink, oh yes it will.) I'm a Christian and love God, but adamantly believe a good story needs a few choice words peppered in from time to time, like this one, here, the only time I have ever written the eff word with no asterisks. Trust me, that post deserved it.

I love to travel, preferably to someplace warm, and Kauai is our go-to vacation spot. I wear flip flops every day, even in the winter. Well, those or my Uggs. The only time I ever wear heels is when I go to Las Vegas, so save your money if you were planning on buying me any Louboutins and just give me a gift certificate to the local liquor store instead. 

I like vodka. Well, Bacardi rum is my fave, but if vodka is all ya got, then that's all I need. I like to party from time to time, as I like to reward myself for being a stay-at-home mom all day every day. This shit is hard work. Also, don't be too alarmed if it looks like someone hijacked my blog one day, it's still me, I just have an insane problem with going back and forth between black and bleached blonde hair. It's a surprise to everyone I still have any left. 

I have eight tattoos and counting (one being my husbands name on my ass), my favorite food is onions and I still love huge hoop earrings and make no apologies for it. I have a piano in my family room that I play daily and will give a concert to anyone who asks. I am completely un-PC and think Obamacare is one of the stupidest things ever. I sometimes fly off my handle but I take medication for that.

About my older love interest? No, he's no sugar daddy (ok so maybe he is) but that's not what attracted me to him in the first place. Actually, he asked me out a few times before I ever said yes, turning him down for the sole reason that he dressed himself in tight, high-wasited tapered jeans. I fixed that problem right up after our second date.

It helps that I find him insanely attractive.

A few things about us: 

we love each other, we fight with each other. Our counselor is on speed dial, not even joking. We are boating people, we are beach people, we are swim-up bar pool people. We are country club people and hole-in-the-wall dive people. We are family people, and if you mess with our kids? Ha, good luck. We believe an amazing Sunday morning church service can be held on the river with a mimosa in hand. To us, "live each day like it's your last" is not just a saying, and sex on the beach is not just a drink.

Also, this one time, we did a vlog together. You can watch it here.

I'm so glad you are here and anytime you want to grab a drink, just let a girl know!