So There Is This Lake...


...and it's located in what should have been my home state.
California, come to momma.

I have always had a love affair with California.
I have family that lives in Northern CA and I've visited quite a few times.
San Diego? Don't even get me started. I puffy heart the golden state real bad.

And a little lake named Shasta put the cherry on top.
Teal blue water, temps that rivaled my jetted bath and lots and lots of family members.
Including the newest member of our family, Breezy
I first met her in person last February, when I picked her up at the Portland airport dressed as a chicken. We spent the weekend together and by the time she went home back to Sacramento, we were full-fledged bff's. Now? After spending a week with my crazy family at some RV campsite? After throwing back copious amounts of duck farts? After sleeping with me on a deflated blowup mattress in a busted tent and after experiencing what life is really like when Rob and I are together? (Hint: it ain't pretty).

Now, well now you are officially inducted into our bat shit crazy tribe.
And it's kind of like the Bermuda Triangle. 
Once you're in, you are never let out.

That is, unless you tell everyone the truth about me.
And how I really am.
And what I really look like before photoshop.

Then I'd just have to kill you.

and ps. get your boobs out of my husbands face.
please and thank you.



  1. The lake looks beautiful. And like a ton of fun. -Hanna Lei

  2. Yes! Love northern CA! Yes! love the pics!

  3. I think we share the same thoughts when it comes to most "bodies of water". You know what, just move here and be done okay? I'm tired of you sharing duck farts with everyone else!

    And yes LOL! Her boobs are so in Rob's face but his face says "I don't mind". I swear you have the coolest husband!


  4. I have a love affair with California too which is why I NEVER EVER EVER want to move anywhere else. What a beautiful lake! At least you get to visit.

  5. omg golf carts at the lake? that looks like too much fun! Mom told me I need to watch the movie RV because it was just like your trip. =)

  6. Looks like fun. I'm jealous.

  7. I am a Northern California girl...spoiled by the amazing weather...I don't think I desire any state that actually experiences "seasons"

  8. Holy shit, it's already been six months since you dressed up in that chicken suit!!?

  9. I'm in Southern California. I'll trade you.

  10. Haha her boobs are all up in his face!

  11. I'm pretty sure my boobs are not in his face. His face is definitely in my boobs. After all, only one of us is sober in this pic. Hint: it's not Rob. Love you boo boo!

  12. You definitely live the life and I definitely hate you for it.

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