My, How Blogging Has Changed Since I've Been Gone


my dog. she da best.

(I've legit been gone for like, two minutes.)

Like, do people even read blogs anymore?

My friend Liz, whom I met through blogging back in the good ol' days, was taking a poll on her Facebook page, asking her followers if she should get back into blogging or start a Youtube channel. She wanted somewhere to go to write/talk about her interests, share her opinion, review products, etc...basically what I've always loved about blogging. I love to write — it's my passion — and I have an opinion dammit and some may love it, some may hate it, but hey, C'est la vie.

However, most of her feedback was to forgo blogging and to have a platform on Youtube. Comments ranged from "I never go to blog pages anymore" to "people today definitely prefer watching videos to reading a blog post." Which really sucks for me because I will not be staring on my own Youtube channel. Sorry to disappoint, but it just isn't my thing. I'm much better on paper than in real life.

Writing is my thing. Blogging is...or was...still is? thing. I still kinda want it to be my thing, but is it even a "thing" anymore?

Oh and also? My earlier blog photos totally got jacked.

Apparently, Photobucket, the blog hosting site I had been using for my blog for the past 78 years, suddenly decided to hijack all my photos — and I mean all of them — unless I pay them 400 dollars! A YEAR! Then, and only then, can I have my photos back so some of my most popular blog posts won't look like this.

the hell?!?

Is that even legal? Should I sue? Troll them on twitter? Send hate mail? Stage a march in defense of blog photo rights? Imagine my contempt when I realized all of my best work is now only words accompanied by generic images stating "please update your account to enable 3rd party hosting." Well Photobucket (said with spiteful venom), you can keep my photos and I hope a virus comes along and eats you, you filthy indian giver.

Gone are the days of big group blogger #giveaways. Or link-ups. Or guest posts. Or online Holiday ornament exchanges. (I still remember when The Bargain Blonde and I hosted a "Glitz and Glam" holiday exchange. It was great! Over 250 people participated and the link-up was on fuego.) I still remember how nervous I got the first time I was ever asked to guest post for someone. And remember that site that helped with sidebar advertisements? What were they called? Mango? Peaches and cream? Shoot I can't remember, but I know it had something to do with a fruit.

It also seems no one comments much anymore on blog posts. A lot of the bigger blogs I followed back in the day would get 30, 40, 50+ comments on a regular basis. Now they are barely pulling in a dozen. I look back on old blog posts of my own and the majority have 60+ comments, now those  have dwindled over the years to single digits, and over half of those are from my ride-or-dies, the haters. #neverchange.

I do realize that it's much easier to comment on other social media platforms. I notice that whenever I post to instagram or facebook with a link to my most current blog post, I seem to get more comments there than on my actual post. As in, they did go to my blog and read the post, but commented about it on my instagram or facebook account instead of the comment section of my blog. And I mean, a comment is a comment is a comment, and more people are reading on their phones these days rather than an actual computer and I can tell you from experience that commenting on blogs from a phone is a pain the ass. I almost never do it anymore so I can understand why no one else does it either.

But, at least they're reading? Of course, my readership has gone way down, I assume it's because I have been very inconsistent with posting the past couple years but who knows, maybe it's because my eyebrows offends them.

I guess my point is that I want to write again. That I'm going to write again. I don't need it as an income producing venture, but I'll totally admit I miss all the free crap I was given back in the day! Legit, liquor companies would send me three bottles of rum, ask me to drink them with my friends, and then pay me $350 to write a post about it. Talk about a dream non-job.

I know blogging isn't what it used to be, and I didn't even get in super early like some of those bloggers...but it's still something I want to do. I still love to sit and write and get out my thoughts.

For therapy, if nothing else.


  1. I’ll comment here! I feel the same way! I want to write like I want to breathe. But blogging is so...noisy. Oversaturated. And there are politics involved. You have to literally direct people from the sosh-meeds to your blog and spend all your time doing that. Nobody wants to leave their apps! So now I blog on my timeline. It’s how I hit the most amount of people. I create the most discussion, the most impact. Why direct them elsewhere and leave it to the Facebook gods to filter my content to who “they” think will like it as they do with a blog link. Writing straight to a status and making it public will give you tons more readership. Readership is connection. And that right there is the drug. I think blogs are now more used as a setting to create a brand and/or eventually turn into an ebook. Anyway, take it straight to the source. Facebook status that bitch. I was told one time it wasn’t what real writers do. Oh, okay. I’ll take all my content and keep it from my audience and be dark and brooding in my closet waiting for someone to discover me, Susan. You can still build sponsorships through Instagram if you like free shit. You don’t even have to write about it and be fake excited. You just have to post a picture! Anyway, thought I’d drop my thoughts from a former blogger trying to find her way back to writing, too. 😘

  2. I am a die hard follower. Maybe because I was born in the 80s and have a hard time letting go of the pleasures of reading vs watching television. The mind of a human is way more interesting than a YouTube channel. I think reading a blog actually resognates and you remember it for years.
    Keep writing my friend. If not for other people, for yourself.
    Love ya

  3. I was going to comment on Instagram but I’ll do it here instead, crossing my fingers my phone let’s me!! Haha
    I do miss blogging from back when it was the first thing I’d check in the morning, my blogroll, hah. You’ve always been one of my faves, can’t wait for new stuff!!

  4. I still LOVE reading blog posts, and I've missed yours....and btw, thanks for recommending Carian!

  5. THANK YOU !!!! That is all I have to say. I'm so excited for you to be back. I still check your blog almost daily to see if you updated!!

    1. aww thank YOU!!! And thanks for the actual blog comment ha!!

  6. For me today’s blogging is all about marketing. Instagram is tied with logging in so that all those fashion bloggers rake in the money by selling clothes that they may or may not actually even where I really miss the way it was several years ago where there was much more interaction we are heading down a road where there is less interactions among people..

    1. So agree. So how do we get it back to how it used to be? :(

  7. I am apparently minority but I prefer reading blogs. I can’t watch videos at work but I can read blogs :) Plus I cant stand how people constantly look at themselves and adjust their hair while filming themselves. It’s too annoying.

  8. Blog commenter and big fan here! I miss your (more frequent) no-nonsense posts, but you're right: Blogging has changed way too much for my taste. That's why I recently wrote about why I'm done with blogging (as it's come to be known) because I want to go back to genuine, raw opinions and true lifestyle–not the heavily sponsored/edited crap that's become so popular. Not that I ever fell into that rabbithole but better to promise myself that I never will.

    I won't be seeking sponsorships, either or sell my soul. I'll write about stuff I like and don't like, and if I think someone may sponsor something I was going to write about anyways, great. If no luck, I'll still write about it, who cares!

    Re:YT.. Maybe not yet for me. The cost to entry is higher compared to that of blogging, and at work, I'd rather read than watch stuff (esp. if it's someone just talking to a camera about nothing of value). I think people are wrong in saying that video is where it's at. We need so much time to consume video! (And let's face it: Some things need to be watched frame-by-frame til the end. That's a lot.) But at least with a post, if we want to do something else while reading it, we can have our phone/computer read us the text. Easy!

    Long comment, I know. But don't despair: You still have loyal readers who enjoy commenting here :)!

  9. Welcome back. I read your blog but also your fb page. Blog is a better form (for me)without having so many interruptions (bells/pings/instant messenger)

  10. Ugh I hate that everything is YouTube now. These people spend 20 minutes to say what could be said in 5. I definitely prefer reading “old school” blogs but it so hard because so many of my old favorites stopped blogging and those that still do write about fluff / superficial things that don’t really let you connect with a blogger.

    And that’s outrageous about phitobucket!

  11. Excuse how this will come out, but f'k Youtube and Vlogs. No, just no. I don't need to watch something fix their hair as if it's a mirror while I listen to them use the word 'Um' a million times over. I'd much prefer to read a blog than that any day. Do you woman.

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  13. I've been reading your blog now for several years and I still love it :) I never watch vlogs and YouTube is for movie trailers (I also have no social media accounts, so I'm probably behind on what's cool). Keep it up! Most of the other blogs I would follow have stopped writing :(


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