Don't tell me that looks don't matter

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011
 Politically correct I am not.

Nor will I ever be. Don't wanna be, don't wish to be, and I hope you aren't either.

Them peeps are boring and safe.

Boring and safe = well, boring and safe.

One of my most favorite politically correct sayings is that "looks don't matter. It's what's on the inside that counts."

Of course, what's on the inside does matter more than what's on the outside.

To an extent. 

Case in point: A man you think is semi-attractive can become a Romeo once you get to know him.

Alas, a man you can't stand at first can become a total daydream to you once you get to know him.

Great. Awesome. Fantastic.

But bottom lines are bottom lines for a reason.



Let me use my three year old as an example. 
(Since well, he is three and I can bribe him with cookies)


Looks like two different boys, yes?

exhibit a: cheesy smile, a grey shirt with silly headphones and some funky red high-waisted shorts from godknowswhere.

exhibit b: the "cool" look of a long sleeved shirt under a hip short-sleever, mohawk, cargo shorts and puma shoes.

Even his expression is different.

Because how we present ourselves is how we are going to be perceived.

So please, no more "looks don't matter."

Looks DO matter.

65 comments on "Don't tell me that looks don't matter"
  1. Ha! Did he dress himself in Exhibit A? My son likes to dress himself and he has some interesting outfits but most of the time they are hideous and need to be changed.
    I agree, looks do matter.

  2. OMG! I can't believe I am laughing so hard so early in the morning!!! He is going to scream at you when he sees Exhibit A in the future. At least you will be able to tell him that you were making a great point that looks do matter, hahaha. Too funny!!! :)

  3. He is so freakin cute! Just wanted to stop by and say Hi - love your blog, have a good day!


  4. AnonymousJuly 13, 2011

    so deep

  5. LoL! I love Exhibit A.

    Looks really do matter. "You can't just a book by its cover," but what else do you judge by? Reading every single first page in the library?

  6. hahah! loving the mo-hawk..he definately has the cool status and will be a show-stopper when starts lookin for the ladies!

    looks do matter and i agree with you! i actually get kinda annoyed when people say "i care about personality only blahblahblah" Like, NO YOU DONT! you know you want to look at a good looking man so stop trying to sound all awesome

    great post raven and LOVING the blog re-design! look at you GLOWING in your picture! are u preggers again ;)


  7. LOL LOL this is wonderful!! I agree, it's all about how you carry yourself :) you are going to have some serious probs when that boy grows up! ladies be stalkin' that house of yours :) atleast it's better than say, snakes......right?

  8. i am positively dead over the red shorts. dead i tell you! omg. he is the cutest thing!

  9. Bahaha. I love this. What a handsome little guy:) Couldn't agree more with this post.

  10. Girl, i am DYING.... he DOES look cutey cute in BOTH photos.... i do LOVE the cheesy smile of pic a... but i also love the confidence and bad assness of pic b. either way he's gonna have to beat the ladies off with a bat...

  11. Awww what a handsome little guy! Loving your blog and I am your newest follower.


  12. Thanks for a good laugh so early in the morning!!! Love it!!!

  13. oh whatever..he is totally cute in both photos. I mean, he shouldn't wear the first one out in public, but still cute.

  14. i have always agreed with this;
    because you have to find the person some what attractive to even wanna be entertained by him?
    you have to be somewhat atrracted to want to get to knowwww the person? no?
    xo i agree 100000% with this =]
    have an aawesome day

  15. lol Love the pics! He's too cute.

  16. Looks DO matter. And shit DOES stink...

  17. AGREED!!! I'm sorry but whoever said looks don't matter - doesn't know how to look good! Haha that sounds so shallow, but it is SO true!!!

    Your little guy looks so cute on the second pic - FUTURE HEARTBREAKER ALERT!!!!!!!

    You are going to hate all the girls who try to after him, I just know it!

    I love the new design by the way - so classy!!! Mama is growin' up! haha

    I missed you!!!!

    ps. STOP IT WITH THE SNAKE PICS!!!!! I really am going to have a heart attack one day - and I will blame your blog!


  18. True post, which is depressing on days I don't' feel like getting all dolled up.

  19. I agree, they really do matter to an extent! Looks even determine what job you will get, what opportunities open up for a person, etc. IE: A fully tattooed person will probably not get a job or a well polished person. THe tattooed person may be much smarter, but image determines so much!

    Your poor child! You know he WILL see these one day and realize he was your little experimental hamster:) love it!!!!!

  20. 1st of all, he is so stinkin cute! You make some cute kids. Second, Totally agree. Its why I refuse to look like a hot mess when I go anywhere. Sure, I'll throw on some Vickie's PINK sweats and a tank sometimes, but some people should check themselves before going out because people are going to judge

  21. Oh my gosh is that not the truth?! I swear when I feel presentable, I am much more outgoing and tend to do more and have a better time. But I watch this little 4 year old with autism and it is HILARIOUS how her whole attitude shifts when she wears a dress. She smiles more, twirls more.. just so many things are VERY obviously shifted from just a slight cute wardrobe change. Thanks for this!

  22. omg. are you kidding. baahahahaha..


  23. hahaahah this is so true. He is adorable!

  24. Ah-maz-ing POST! LOL, my mom lives by the saying "it's what inside that counts." though I do agree with her, I have also learned that not all people see it that way and unfortunately... looks do matter. Now I want to write a post on it!!!! lol!!!!

  25. those little pumas he's wearing are so cute!!!!!

    totally agree, looks do matter.

  26. your hilarious, and I do agree! they matter.

    love your blog look, btw!

  27. Your little boy is so cute.

    We are hosting a Pamper Yourself Giveaway. Please stop by and enter.

  28. There is nothing wrong with being beautiful on the inside and out: )

    Your lil one is a-dor-a-ble!

  29. I just stumbled upon your blog from someone else's I can't remember who. I blame mama brain on that one! You are hilarious:)

  30. I totally agree! It's funny when people say looks don't matter but firt impression is most important. Pretty sure looks are what make the first impression??
    I want your babies!! He is so adorable!

  31. Whoooooa STOP!
    I just realized that it is totally ok for me to tell hubs I want his babies. NOT ok for me to tell my bloggy friends. OOOPS!
    I mean that your babies are so so cute and I hope mine will be as cute when I produce them haha! Ah!


  32. first...stop being so f*cking beautiful ok? just stop. actually don't. heart is literally in a puddle looking at the pic of freaking precious is he!??? I love the red shorts pic. Send him over here to play with my boys.

  33. What about in 30 years when YOU'RE all wrinkled up and pasty? I won't be. I'll have botox. Will looks matter then? Or when YOUR husband gets a big beer belly? Mine won't because I'll make him starve and work his ass off. Will looks matter then?

    M says he's trading me in for a younger model all the time. I say I'm trading him in for a rich old guy that will lavish me with nice things. But I think we're the only two people who can actually put up with each other. *sigh*

    I'm starting to make wedding plans for Gunner and Emma. Do you want to help or can I just go with it?

  34. auntie bbJuly 13, 2011

    so cute!!!!!!! love the pics...don't really love 'anonymous' who has to throw that comment in and not identify themselves...but I'll stay positive and focus on how cute your kids are and how awesome your blog is and what a good mom you are. =)

  35. How adorable is your son?!! That's definitely a photo for graduation display or wedding video!

    Love it.

  36. he will kill you for that 1st pic some day....I totally can see that coming out at graduation or something :)..........hehehehhee

  37. The boy is cute no matter what you put him in!


  38. I totally agree with you!! A hot guy can become a jerk if he is a butthole! Or tries to get into your butthole. Ha. Or is that just me?!

    By the way, I totally died laughing at the first picture. Looks like he has a MAJOR wedgie!!

  39. This is hysterical! I love it (although I just posted about dressing my baby boy as a baby boy!) Read and don't point and laugh at me on Friday! :)

  40. HAhahahahahah! I cannot stop laughing!

  41. He is sooooo cute and soooo hip, no doubt mama does his shopping!

  42. i mean i'm obsessed with both looks. i think he should have his own fashion blog. he really is rocking the second look, and the first actually. #impressed.

  43. I think he's cute in both. I love when little kids look dorky! I'm gonna dress my kid like Gunner in exhibit A.

  44. Yes they do, and it helps to have cooooool parents!

  45. I was friends with so many exhibit a's in high school. haha.

  46. Awww. What a good little sport. I kind of feel sorry for Exhibit A. Can I give him a squeeeeeeeze?

  47. oh my gosh this is hilarious!!! i am following you now soley from reading this one post.... now onto the rest my dear

  48. haha, so funny and SO true!!!

  49. I just found your blog and I'm reading the popular post and I love this one! a. because you are right and b. I am about to get married and read a book called "For Women Only" and the last chapter basically said, even though your man cant tell you thing, he cares how you look and takes it personally if you turn into a heffer 10 years after you get married (she says this in a more "politically correct" way, but still. Looks matter.

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