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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A few of ya'll have asked me about my love story, i.e., how we met, fell in love, and all the romantical, enchanting fairy-tale like things that happened along the way. 

And at that point, I usually turn around to see who is standing behind me that they are talking to. 

Because mushy gooshy frosting on top sweetness? So not me. I only get mushy when recalling that one winter I spent snowboarding my college education away and many a good times was had, the best one involving a shower floor, a pair of scissors, trimming a little from the nether region (not mine!) and one unsuspecting roommate. 

God those were good times. 


Basically, our love story goes something like this:

After him asking over and over to take me out, I finally said "geez, alright already!" and we met at a local restaurant. I brought my girlfriend with me for moral support (because that's what you do on first dates, I presume) and the three of us proceeded to get pretty tippled on red wine and tequila shots (something else I am sure you do on a first date). Somehow, we all made it back to his house (by way of a cab, simmer down folks) .

It was the first time I had ever been at his house, obviously. The three of us were just sitting in the living room, chatting away, when I said I had to use the bathroom. While I was away doing my bizz, my best girlfriend jumped at her chance and started telling my now husband that she was a much better match for him, and that she had liked him for some time now and he would be much more suited to ride off into the sunset with her. 


Anyway, some time had passed since I went to use the lavatory, so Rob went looking for me. 

You'll never guess where he found me.

Without being too graphic, let's just say that it involves passing out face down, a few clothing items misplaced, a bed, a white down comforter, and a lot of red wine regurgitated. 

And then we lived happily ever after.

Then end.

95 comments on "Our love story"
  1. OMG! This is the best love story ever!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA :) Love love love.

  2. omg what a story! haha Where did y'all meet to begin with? Before he started asking you out on dates??

  3. hahahaha, seriously?! and you got another date after that?! hahaha. too funny!!! i would say you are my hero but i really wouldn't want to be that chick, haha :)

    love you!

  4. hahaha OMG best story ever!

  5. FIRST OF all...what a biznatch!! are yall ladies still amgias?

    what a story, sounds like a true love story..
    love it.. you guys are prolly the hottest couple...(excluding me and mine of course ;)

    hope you have a fabulous wednesday!!

    cant wait for the a Glitz Christmas


  6. Isn't that how all of the best fairy tales began?

  7. Keepin it classy! That is awesome!

  8. haha i love this. soooo much. but RAVEN. i want to know MORE now. !!!!!!!! ps. stone found me once in my room face down after a night of drinking in college. guess that is the TRUE way to a guys heart

  9. there has to more to this story....do tell pleeeaseee? next post?

    haha, love it! you guys are too funny!

  10. Haha, WAY better than my story. :) Loved this!

  11. thats awesome. who needs all that mushy-ness? haha i was a little drunk on my first "date" too ;)

  12. Ha, ha! My love story starts out similar.

    That song by The Fray "You found me" has special meaning....

    "Lying on the floor." My husband thinks its hilarious.

    Ha, ha!!! That was not our first date but the night I met my husband. I have a way with first impressions.


    Frame this and put it beside your bed on the nightstand. It's worthy :)

  14. BAHAHAHAHA!! Love every single bit about that :) Sounds about like how my husband and I met.

  15. please tell me you are not friends with that girl anymore?

  16. This kind of reminds me of my husband and I's love story... or at least first few dates story. And that time my big sister in my sorority told my man "you shouldn't date her, she's a big slut" because SHE liked him. I mean, if it were true, what can you do... But it wasn't. Gotta love good friends, huh?

  17. there has to be more to this...when did you start to "like" him back? were you furious with your friend? what were his first impressions of you? how did you meet for him to ask you out? i want more details!

    p.s. i love your new pic on the right side of your blog :)

  18. that's an awesome story... well worth the break i just took because once i saw your twitter post i knew i had to catch up on your blog asap!

    entertaining as always raven! :P

  19. HAHAHA i love this!!

    agree with kayla. FRAME!

    you guys are the cutest :-) just brings me back to that 20 min vlog you two did and i just get so happy watching it because u can tell you both love eachother so much!

    at least your man didnt meet you for 5 seconds, stalk you on myspace, and proceed to keep begging for a first day. Oh thatd be kurt


  20. i love you. and i'm jealous of your love story.

    btw. love your new layout, too.

  21. hahahaha i wish you had pictures to illustrate this.

  22. HA! That right there is a love story :) Thanks for sharing girl!

  23. bahahaha not the ending I was expecting! That is hilar!

  24. Haha! Why is it that everyone I know that has a solid relationship began their relationship completely hammered (myself included)?

    And don't even get me started on your "friend". I think every girl has one of those.

  25. Im going to go ahead and assume said friend is no longer a friend?

    Otherwise... that is a FAAAABULOUS story!

  26. Awe a love story that involves red wine, tequila (Patron I hope) hookers, vomit and a happy ending. What a beautiful story!

  27. Awesome love story! I'm not into al that mushy crap either so I can totally relate! New follower here...hope to see you around my blog sometime.


  28. I know that my eventual love story is going to go a little something like yours.

    For example, the second time Lucifer and I hung out, he invited me over to his place to hang out. So I walked in and sat down. He's like did you want something to drink? I was like um, already got it and I whipped out a bottle of wine from my purse. From that moment he said he knew I was the one for him. Needless to say my man better be as big of a lush as me or shit's not going to work.

    Can't wait to actually hang out with you 2! I already love your family and haven't even met them IRL.


  29. This is amazing! I can't say anything else about it! You are hilarious!!!!

  30. Probably my favorite how-we-met story ever.

  31. Hahaha! This just made my day! What an awesome beginning for your love story ;)

  32. THIS IS SO YOU RAVEN!!! Hahahah

  33. Hahahahaha.
    Best fairy tale I've ever read, hands down.

  34. hmmm.... this might be better than my love story -- the one i haven't written yet, because it involves me seriously seducing nick on our first outing together.

    mom reads the blog, so it'll never be written.

    but yeah, your story wins. hands down!

    and some friend you brought along. "hooker" haha. yup!

  35. Ew your friend sucks!
    And did you honestly pike on his bed??
    What happened next???

  36. Ok this is pretty freaking hilarious!! hhahah best love story EVER!

  37. 1) are you still friends with that girl?
    2) I want to hear Rob's version of this story -- and have since the day you told it to me
    3) You rock and I love you (DUH)

  38. OMG!! Best love story evvverrr!

  39. Hahahahaha! Best story ever! Same thing sort of happened on one of mine and my boos first dates. Except it involved a red margarita and a red stain (that's still there!) on the cement of the driveway where I vommed. Haha.


  40. *dramatic gasp!*

    That's not it. Please--pretty please--continue!

    I was super excited to read this (and it was fantastic), because marrying a divorced, much older man, is SO much more interesting than WhatsHisName... Obviously, because I did it too.

    It's pretty apparent why he picked you, though. I'm proud of him. ;)

  41. This is probably the best love story I've ever read, not even kidding.

  42. I met my fiance blacked out at a bar. Like I don't remember it at all. He didn't see it, but I threw up in my bra that night. Glad I'm not the only one who found true love this way :)

  43. Hahaha! Beautiful story! One you will always cherish and tell your great grandchildren about!

  44. LOL! I knew it was going to be good.

  45. I was just going to ask to hear this story yesterday. It's better than I could have imagined.

    I've puked red wine in front of a guy or two (three) and none of them became my husband. What's the trick? Was it merlot? Must have been. I was drinking pinot noir.

  46. This love story is - priceless!

  47. you goofball, that is hilarious. I hope you kicked your friend to the curb though!

  48. Um, hands down best love story ever. And I so hope that you are going to tell us tomorrow that you are no longer friends with that girl!!!!

  49. Best. Love story. EVER. (Please note that there is no sarcasm what-so-ever here. It really is the best story ever.)

  50. Raven, is this story reallll? I don't know if I believe you. :)hahaha

  51. OMG I die. This is the best story, evah!

  52. OMG, this is hilarious. Kinda reminds me of my "how we met" love story. Only, replace the regurgitated wine with crying. If you ask me, these are the best love stories ever.

  53. LOVE.best love story, EVER! Even beats Cinderalla! ;) and Snow White and Sleeping Beauty and all that crap put together! haha love you!

  54. LOL that's pretty good! You made a stellar first impression at least ;) One he couldn't forget!!
    Are you still friends with the girl?

  55. Romance at it's finest!!

  56. First your friend is totally a hooker....and I honestly wouldn't have expected anything less from you. Amazing. You're too much girl.

  57. That really sounds strangely {AKA damn near exactly!!} my love story with my hubs. except sub everclear based Sangria for wine and tequila ;)

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  59. AWWWW, it is just like a Disney movie, if Disney movies had hookers, tequila and vomiting! and they should cuz that's real life baby :) Great story.

  60. I feel like singing Taylor Swift's - it's a looove story baby just say yesssssssssssss (and if you don't like Tswizzle-- then ignore this comment). holla.

  61. Best. Story. Ever! I want to hear your husband's side of this story! and please tell me you're not friends with her anymore!!


    I cannot stop laughing!!!! I fucking love you!!! ahahaha

    Raven you seriously jsut gave me the giggles. I think my favorite part was :"Hooker."

    OH wow.. if story is ANY indication of how awesome your guest blog is going to be.... I cannot wait!!

    Sabrina Says

  63. You are hilarious!!! "Hooker"! SO something I would say! So funny!

    Love your blog!

  64. hahahah what a fairy tale. i love it! u still talk to that girlfriend?

  65. Hahaha! I love this for many reasons, the main one being this is SORT OF how my first date went with my fiance. I went to his place (actually was staying there & it was my first time meeting him ha) we drank A LOT of red wine... there was no other girl trying to talk smack... but the red wine did manage to come up... clothes were taken off... and BAM! 4.5 years later we are here and engaged ;)

  66. HANDS DOWN the best love story ever!!

  67. oh lady Raven..you've dont it again..you are too awesome!

  68. this might be the best love story ive ever read.


  69. I find a lot of blogs are monotonous,but as soon as I read this story, I knew I wanted to follow your blog. :) Great story ;)


  70. too funny! i love it : ) ...and also snowboarded away a lot of my college funds. sure miss those student pass prices though!

  71. hahahaha! i love this story! are you still friends with that girl!?

  72. So what you are saying is... All of those times in college that I got a littleee to intoxicated and made a fool of myself in front of guys could have potentially been my prince charming?? Just kidding. All of those guys were idiots. Rob is clearly a genius ;)Love this, it's so funny!

  73. Glad to see someone else mixed alcohol and first love encounters! Love it.

  74. RAVEN. How is it possible i fall more and more in love with you every day! (non lesbian way of course)

    i love this story so much...everything...the 3rd wheel friend for support, the pube trimming (not yours!!) and the red win...you rock

    best love story!

  75. Perfect love story if you ask me!

  76. Reading love stories inspires me to just wait for my perfect match. I am very glad that you had found the love of your life and both of you are happy with each other. Keep your love for each other to be a strong and everlasting. God bless you both! :')

    college dating

  77. hahaha awesome Story! I don't think there are real-life mushy gushy love stories to be honest. Most stories are either boring like mine or hilarious like yours :)

  78. I'm sold. I'm messaging you now to figure out how I can pay you to prostitute out my blog.

  79. hahah. i love it. i believe one day my love story will be likes yours... i'm pretty sure it will be hah

  80. This comment has been removed by the author.

  81. I just came across your blog. This is possibly the greatest love story I've ever heard! I LOVE IT.


  82. THAT is my favorite thing I've ever read.

  83. Hahahaha. Wow, what a ballsy BFF that was!


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