Who Is This Five Year Old and Why Is He Asking Me For A Sandwich?


Seriously. It seems like just yesterday I pushed this little tadpole out of my fish whistle (sorry had to) and now dude is five. Five! It's so bizarre to me, as I still feel like the 21-year old who wants to go out and have fun (minus the DUI on my 21st birthday part) yet I also have this overwhelming desire to be a total momma bear. As in, this is my kid and if you mess with him? Push him around on the playground? Exclude him?

I will bust your ass

Usually I use asterisks for such words but when it comes to my children, no asterisks allowed! I feel a super fierce protectiveness over them, and if you never knew before what it would feel like to give your life for another, you will know once you have children of your own. 

A few reasons that make my first born extra special:

- His heart. I swear that his main goal in life is to make others happy. 

- The way he loves. He can't go to bed without his nightly hugs and kisses.

- The way he makes friends. He can meet someone for three minutes and suddenly, they are his "best best friend."

- When we are driving in the car, and I hear him talking to his stuffed animals. He has full-on conversations with them, telling them how much he loves them, how he will protect them, how he won't let anything bad happen to them. Be still my heart!

- The way he runs to me, hugging and kissing on me, telling me how much he missed me...even if I have just been gone for two hours getting my hair done.

- Whenever we walk into my sisters house, he goes directly to the hand sanitizer and cleans his hands so he can go straight to the baby and check her out. He knows the drill.

- The way he loves to cuddle. I know it won't be long until he wants nothing to do with me, so I try to soak it in and take advantage of the times he says "momma? will you lay with me?" Everything else in the world can wait.

- The ways he says things like "you've gotta be kidding me, baby!" and "well hellfire, save matches, f--- a duck and see what hatches!"

Ok ok, so maybe he doesn't say that last one (side eye Steven Tyler) but his little sayings pretty much melt my heart. Gunner James Smith is precious. He really does have a heart of gold and he loves his mommy, daddy, brother, granny, poppa, aunties, uncles, cousins, doggies and anyone else really who has a living heartbeat.

So today I wish a very happy birthday to my first born angel baby, Mr. Gunner Smith.

And when we go to the toy store and he gets to pick out any toy he wants, I won't be surprised when he chooses a tinkerbell doll, and I'll love him extra hard because of it.

My five year old is amazing.


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  1. he is precious without a doubt. happy birthday Gunner :)
    you make my heart melt with that smile of yours.

    i know what you're talking about. i freaked out when my youngest brother turned 10 last year. i yelled at him to stop growing up. can't imagine when i have my own kid and they're growing up this fast

  2. he & addie would get along great with their love of tinker bell. haha :)) Happy Birthday little Gunner!

  3. So cute!! My son loves watching the Tinkerbell movies on the Disney channel :)

  4. Aw, Happy Birthday to your little man!

  5. Happy Birthday to him!!!

  6. I love this post. Happy Birthday to your little man!!

  7. Tadpole out of my whistle. This is why I read your blog.

  8. I think Gunner is officially cooler than me.

    Happy birthday little man!

  9. Happy birthday to Gunner! He sounds like a sweetheart!

  10. This is precious :) Happy Birthday Gunner!!!

  11. Aww, how sweet! I can't believe he's already 5?! Time sure flies, huh.

  12. Happy Happy Birthday to Gunner!

    PS...He is sooo cute!

    XO Lourdes

  13. What a sweet boy! I found your blog from a giveaway, and I am your newest follower! Looking forward to reading more!
    XO, Rachel
    With Love, Rachel

  14. Aw he sounds like a very sweet boy! His heart is so big--love that he protects his stuffed animals :-)

  15. He is so cute!! I hope he has a great 5th birthday!

  16. Happy Happy Birthday to my favorite 5 year old nephew!

  17. Some might read this blog because youre hilarious, wildly adventurous and honest but for me, I read your blog because of your love for your kids - it is so evident and that is why I keep coming back :)

  18. ADORABLE! You're kids are too cute for words.

  19. Fish whistle. LMAO. I freaking love your way with words. Happy Birthday Gunner!

  20. Happy Birthday to Gunner! Sounds like you have raised a great 5-year old! That is pretty cute about the sanitizer thing. =)

  21. happy birthday sweet boy! maybe he'll give us bday post!

  22. Awe, happy birthday to the Gunz! And he puts on his hand sanitizer so he can "pet" Poppy. :) so cute!

  23. He sounds like a great kid! I think you are one amazing mama!!! :-)

  24. Ahh hit publish too soon! Happy Birthday Gunner!!!

  25. Such a little sweetheart you have.. Adorable to boot!

  26. This is so sweet. He is so sweet!!!!!!

  27. Happy birthday Gunner! My guy celebrated his 5th birthday too! Does that mean he was born on Leap Day?? Or was it officially March 1st? My son was a Leap Day boy, so we celebrate on the 1st of March by default ;)

  28. Happy birthday to the little guy!


  29. Such a sweet post! Time seems to go in fast forward once you become a mamma, what's up with that. My baby girl turns 12 this year and it makes me incredibly proud but also incredibly sad! Enjoy every precious moment while you can!

  30. Happy Birthday Gunner! He is simply adorable!!


  31. He sounds nothing less than an extraordinary little boy :) I'm sure he'll grow up to be such a gentleman & lady magnet! :) Happy Birthday Gunner!

  32. Awww Happy Birthday Gunner!!! Hope mom and dad and little bro spoiled you all day long!


    just saying ;)

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