This Is My Town


We all have that place we grew up. 
That one place we know very well. 
That place we call "home."

This is mine.

I was born here in 1980.

By 1981, the stars were practically aligned. 

This is the town where I fell in "love" with a boy at 11 years old. The same town where he went on to marry one of my best friends thirteen years later. We are no longer friends as she turned out to be a total whorebag.

This is the town where I got my very first car, a cherry red Ford Probe, and drove it over 135 mph on some crazy windy country road. This is also the same town I managed to stay alive in.

This is the town I skinny dipped in. I would put a finger on all the spots I did so but that would take up an entire episode and a half of Dr. Phil and in this town, I don't miss happy hour.

This is the town where my parents forced me out of public school and into private. The same town (and the same private school) where I learned the ins and outs of "mastering the art of male attention." I may not have gotten a 4.0 in chemistry but I sure as hell earned that grade in "how to get ahead when you have boobs." Which I am still using to my advantage as we speak.

This is the town where my friend and I waited until my parents went to sleep, and then we snuck out of the house, put the car in neutral and pushed it half way down the street before we turned on the engine. This is also the town where my friend and I were geniuses.

This is the town that I left when I was 19 years old, to quit college and go snowboarding full-time. This is also the town I moved back to after I quit my full-time snowboarding job and two weeks later decided to move to Las Vegas.

Obviously, this is the town I ended up back in when Las Vegas panned out. This is the same town I made a very bad decision on my 21st birthday, and also the town I got my waitressing job in where I met my husband. This is also the same town in which I denied my husband my presence because he wore tight tapered high-waisted jeans and I would have nothing to do with that. (Obviously that situation has been remedied as I know do all the clothes shopping for us.)

This is the town I bought my very first condo in. The town I lived in on my own and the same town I got married in. This is the town I live in now and this is the town my kids will grow up in. (As long as I threaten them correctly.) 

This it the town I write my blog in and this is the town I live in.

This is my town.

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  1. absolutely cant get enough of your blog! you are magic. love it and all of it even you. you are great, hilarious, serious, sad, memorable! I love this blog! <3

  2. This is another great post raven. -Hanna Marie

  3. I too was forced out of public school and into private school.... and would honestly say it backfired on my parents. If anything it made my desire to "rebel" even greater because I was so upset that I couldn't just be a regular kid at a regular school :-P

    I will NOT be sending my kids to private school... waste of $$ and they end up getting into the same stuff anyway.

    LOVING that pic with the rainbow... gorgeous!

  4. You got lucky.. after the first time I snuck out, my parent's got a high class alarm system that beeped every time a door or window opened and closed.

  5. Is it weird that I read half of this to the tune of that Montgomery Gentry song and tried to make your post fit to the beat?

    We all have these memories - stealing our parents car, questionable life decisions, ya know, the stuff you kind of regret but the stuff that leads you to where you're meant to be.

    1. Oh too funny, I'm not the only one. (See below)

  6. Oh, man. That was the first time reading your 21st birthday story. Hilarious. Great post though. Glad you're happy where you are (though now I'm stalking your 'about' page, wondering where on earth you actually live...)

  7. Love it. And I totally sang the last line to myself as in the song "My Town" by Montgomery Gentry, hahaha!

  8. Totally did the whole My Town by Montgomery Gentry thing too! & I feel the same way about my town too!

  9. That is the same way I feel about the town I grew up in, and the small town(see: 7000 people small) that I live in now with my husband. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I tried the whole stint in Vegas too, mine lasted less than 6 months.

  10. This just made me even more homesick. Love it!

  11. Oh I love this post. Very great reading it while I'm visiting my home town. Very fitting.

  12. I love this. It's so great. I miss my home town and I really, and truly hate that my parents split and sold our family home. I had high hopes of bringing my kids to play, where I played and explored for 19+ years of my life. Home IS where the heart is, so I guess it will always be home.

  13. Amazing photo...I can definitely understand the connection with your town, because this is how I feel about Pensacola <3


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