Viva Las Vegas? No thanks.

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Tuesday, August 09, 2011
Let's start this off with me quitting college to go snowboarding for the winter, and then coming back home to my parents house. I was 20 years old. 

My cousin, who was moving to Las Vegas with his wife and kid, asked me if I wanted to come along. 

I didn't have anything else to do at the time, so I thought "sure, why not?"

I had never been to Vegas. My parents said to me, "Raven, why don't you just pack a suitcase, see if you like it there, and if you do, we will move the rest of your stuff down in a week or so."

Yeah. So not my style. 

I packed up everything I had ever owned, right down to my kindergarden keepsakes. I was moving to Vegas, it was my new home, and I wasn't leavin' nothing behind.

This is what I remember from my ten days in Vegas:

It was sweltering hot. We moved in the middle of June, and I was not used to 110+ degree weather for days.

I applied for quite a few jobs on the strip, waitressing mostly, but everyone asked me if I had prior "experience." Hell people, I may have never served burgers on a tray before but really, how hard is that to learn? No bueno came from those job aspirations. 

After my strip job dreams were murdered, I applied for a job about thirty minutes from Vegas, working for a high powered attorney. I made it through the first two rounds of phone interviews. Then they wanted to see me in person. When I sat down with the interviewer, they asked me a few questions, one being, "do you know shorthand?"

I did not know, so I responded with, "what is shorthand?"

Didn't get that job.

By then it was day seven, my money was almost depleted, and I had no idea what I was going to do.

And then my cuz Terra showed up. She had just graduated college and was in Vegas for a little vaca.

To this day, I'm still not quite sure what went down.

I do remember that we went to Denny's on the strip and my "superbird" obsession was born. (Ever had it? Best. Hangover. Food. Ever.)

Other than that, all I have are a few pictures...

(my first pic in Vegas. Don't be jealous about my super cool high-waisted jean shorts)

(cuz T-bone and I)

I rode a bull.


And then I decided that it was time to go home. I'd had enough of living in Las Vegas so I called my dad and asked him to please come get me. And could he please come today? As in, now?

And in just another harsh realization that the world does not, in fact, revolve around me (I'm still devasted over that fact) my dad told me that "yes, of course I will come get you but I can't make it down there for a few days."

A few days was just a few days too many for me, so I hung up the phone, drove my beloved 2-door navajo to the U-haul joint and got hooked up.

But not before getting a picture taken with the nice employees of said joint.

I like to document everything.



I think they liked us.

Packed up my stuff and drove 18 hours home. 

Straight. Stopping only 5 times for gas.


Then I got a job waitressing at a country club (suck it Vegas!), met my husband and the rest is history.

p.s. tomorrow I will be posting the first installment of "ask me any questions."
I had my sister join me on this one. 
Sneak peak:

42 comments on "Viva Las Vegas? No thanks."
  1. Those pics...I LOVE TEHM!

  2. haha love the pics, and you got some cojones girly. Ive never been to Vegas, but I don't think it'd be my cup of tea

  3. HAHAHA I'm dying!! those jean shorts are EPIC. I too thought the world revolved around me and expected my Dad to drop EVERYTHING countless times.

    love the stories!

  4. hahaha omgosh you are too funny! love the pics!

  5. hehe great story, loved those pics! especially with the u-haul people

  6. Finally! The infamous Vegas story! I like your cousin's sandals, too. The 90s was the decade of the chunky shoe, no?

  7. i think i use to own a pair of shorts just like that!
    My hubby & I lived in Vegas for a year before we decided to move back to CA

  8. Those pics with the U-Haul guys are hysterical! lol

  9. Haha aw love this. That's so funny, if I asked my Dad to come get me after 10 days he likely would have laughed in my face so the world doesn't revolve around me either. This trip makes for a great youthful story, I dig it!!

  10. Forget the jeans, I love your spaghetti strap! Oh those were so cool back in the day...

    Can't wait to see the vlog. You and your sis are too cute! Do tell me: what ARE you laughing at? I couldn't understand you guys!

  11. These pictures are GREAT! I had a purse just like that haha. Glad things worked out for ya! :-)

  12. hahah LOVE it! Love your post! Loved the story about VEGAS! And God do I know how hot it is there! I went with my dad and sister at age 18, in JUNE of all months and it was a SCORTCHER! (sp!?) ah I am so dying to go back tho but not in June, no ty! hah I am saving up for my 25th bday for that one for SUER!

    ps. Posted the videos of my little miss shakin her bootay AND walkin! check it out just for you I did it! :)

  13. I LOVE the pics! Those boys did love you two!

    I love your laugh too! Can't wait for the next post! Ha, ha!!!

    I have never been to Vegas but am dying to go for just a few days.

  14. HAHA I love this! I love Vegas! Most of the times I've been there though it wasn't higher than 85-90 and it was only for a vacation! I don't think I could live there!

  15. I wonder if your ten days would have been different had you been 21? :)

  16. Luvs it!! I was a waitress when my hubby scooped me up, too! I swear we must be related!

  17. Hahaha! Those U Haul guys crack me up... and maybe they're just a little creepy? :)
    *That is a long trip home with only 5 stops!? The longest I ever went was 13 hours.. and by the end of that I was done.. couldn't imagine going 5 more hours!

  18. I love that you have pics with the u-haul guys!! and I like your balls to the wall style, go big or go home!

  19. HAH, oh boy I feel you have some good stories to come. PLus that video. Im not sure what's going on..but it's hilarious.

  20. Those pictures make me laugh my ass off...nice!

  21. Those pictures make me laugh my ass off...nice!

  22. I'm jealous of your 10day move to Vegas! I've never been :( You and your sister are hilarious, can't wait to see more :)

  23. i cant wait to see the blog with brit. You two were soooooo drunk. hilarious.

  24. ps... how bad is it that i understand brit while shes laughing

  25. ah i love this story;
    it is many people serve on the strip!
    buttt i love the pictures;
    the shorts are amazing! ha

  26. I went to go mail your giveaway package...and you never gave me your address! :)

  27. this is a total awesome post! love that story! what a fun experience! and love the pix of the employees!

  28. THOSE PICTURES! ahahah my favorite is the UHaul ones. LOVE it!

  29. I know you don't have any girls, neither do I. I have a boy, but I've started making hairbows, help me sell them....or let me be a crazy holding on to them until my daughter is hopefully born....hopefully, someday.!/pages/Bows-By-Brittany/116877171743786

  30. Ok, this is hilarious as I can only imagine you picking up and "moving there" for the window and being like "I'm over it!" Wowzers ... love the pics!

  31. you are too funny! you packed up everything you owned?! hahaha, no one can say that you didn't give it a shot! haha, funny pics too ... i laughed out loud a few times.

  32. OMG I love you. Rolling at my desk at work. just for so many reasons. xoxoxo

  33. LOVE the way your dog is just hanging out, laying in the background!!

  34. Oh you are joking! I can't believe this actually happened! You should blog about how you and your hubby met, dated, etc. I bet that is very interesting too =)

  35. That's great piece and pictures from your history :)
    The employers seems very friendly with u and sure a moment to cheer. I liked your 1st and 2nd pic with your cuz.

  36. HAHAHa. This so sounds like something I would do. That is, if I ever had the guts in the first place to just pack up and move. Which I do not. But if I did...well, I would totally be calling Daddy to pick me up if things didn't go my way.

    Sort of unrelated but equally rad story: When Will took me to NYC for the 1st time, to celebrate our engagement, we flew back home and had to stop in Cincinnati. It was Christmastime. It was snowing. We sat in the airport for 16 hours waiting for our mechanical problems to go away, then they finally told us we wouldn't fly out until the next day. So we got a voucher for the disgusting Ramada. Eeew. There were bed bugs in my bed. Visible ones. I called my parents crying, begging them to come pick me up. They didn't. I cried harder. Then we requested another room. Which smelled like wet dog. And I slept in my clothes and a hood and two pairs of socks. It was unpleasant.

    Not sure why your vegas story dredged up my Cincinnati memories...but there you have it. ;)

  37. So that's the story behind the U-haul picture! I think I missed it when you originally posted it. You're too funny.

  38. Best pictures EVER!!!! I did this to NJ. But I never went back.


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