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Wednesday, April 25, 2012
You know how sometimes music just brings you back?

I was in the car yesterday, listening to some old-school country (I live and die for country music) and one song came on and out of nowhere, I couldn't help myself. I just started bawling. 

Like the ugly kind of tears.

I was on my way to my friend Brandi's house (I basically envade her space Monday thru Friday, and let my kids rampage through her home and eat all her food) and this song came on, and I bawled.

Like, legit embarrassed for the person who was stopped next to me at the stoplight and had to act like they didn't notice anything. It was that bad.

It was the words. It's always the words. 

And when I heard the words, I had the pictures in my mind.

And I knew I had to come home and put the pictures to the words. 

And I did.

I've watched it ten times and I've bawled every time.

But maybe it's just me.

Or maybe it's just the words.

a few ps's.
1. my sister and her husband were actually high school sweethearts. Started dating when they were in 8th grade and got married at 18. They just had twin girls 6 months ago.

2. That video of my littlest? His first time ever walking.

3. My Nonie and Grandpa were married 50+ years. She went to Heaven last August.

68 comments on "Words"
  1. ah! songs like this kill me. i had to do a final video project in one of my classes and (ugh, i hate her, but..) the song 'never grow up' by taylor swift was the background and i cry EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

    such a sweet video..! the twins at the beginning -- too cute for words.

  2. Oh Girl, dang it you made me get all teary eyed! LOVE this song, & then the pics of your sweet family... too much! That's the good stuff mama! (Btw, KC "that's the good stuff" song make me all sappy too!)

    You did an amazing job putting this all together) XO

  3. Love that song! Great video!

  4. i LOVE country music! great song. great pics. your baby looked just like you when he had that weave on! haha {of course, your hair is better haha}

  5. I love love love the song, and this video needs a disclaimer at the beginning of it that it will induce tears...

    So many great memories!

  6. Wow Raven - LOVED it! Certainly had me bawling - but a good kind of bawling - because of all the love :) Thanks for sharing such a personal, beautiful video!

  7. What a touching video, Raven. The pictures that you included so perfectly fit the song. **sigh** Just lovely.

  8. WOW! What an important lesson to us all. Thank you so much for sharing the video with us, and for sharing the good and the bad. I know life isn't always roses, but you pictures show what an amazingly blessed life you have and I'M HAPPY for you! :)

    The video is so well done, you have a great eye for photos! And your baby's first steps, how fantastic!

    Thank you for sharing! xoxo

  9. oh man! got me choked up. i always get teary-eyed thinking about my boy growing up and how much i miss just holding him for hours and hours. i wish i didn't wish all that time away. beautiful video.

  10. So sweet! I can't hear the music but loved the video!

    What program do you use to make your videos my love?

  11. totally and utterly heart-warming.
    you're such an angel!

  12. AWW! This is the sweeeetest video EVER. Brings tears to me eyes!

  13. ok I think you need to put a warning on these post to not read till you are home because crying at work is just not cute! Your hott and your kids are beautiful! The twins at the beg. perfection!

  14. Love it!! =) good job Ravie!! I love that video of Gunner, it is so cute! Can't wait until I can get them if the girls. Only, I can, because that means they will be mobile but I look forward to the day. See you tomorrow.

  15. Love that song! Such an amazing video. The twins laughing together...adorable. :)

  16. I have songs like that. One minute you are fine and the next you are a hot mess! Sneaks up on you! LOVE the slideshow!

    Sidenote: Your kids are ridiculously handsome and how sweet is that that your sister and her husband are high school sweethearts!

  17. Awwwww this is the most precious video Raven. Gave me goosebumps. Can't wait to meet you. I simply just love you to pieces.

  18. I make a video every year for Bree's birthday, with pictures of the past year. They always make me cry...like every time I see it & then usually whatever song I use...I can no longer listen to after that. I hate when music/words make me cry.

    Tried to watch the vid but my internet is being crappy...I'll be back later to try again :)

  19. I'm sitting here crying at work now. That song always gets me, and the video was so lovely! Sometimes I wish we could just make time slow down a bit.

  20. That song makes me lose it too :(

  21. SUCH a good song. Beautiful video :)

  22. good classic country music is my passion! its so full of meaning. sometimes i can't hold it in either, especially when driving!

  23. Awww - I love my some Kenny Chesney. And I like this song, but it's never made me all teary eyed before...the pictures together with the words did it. This is awesome though, you'll love this little video FOR-ever!

  24. Aaah! That's the thing about country songs. Some just really hit a nerve. And the songs are just so great that you can't ignore.

  25. Such a beautiful video. got me a bit choked up. I absolutely love that song as well and the lyrics are soo true.

    aww Raven, you just inspired me, I think I might need to do a video. lol

  26. Oh Raven, you have me a crying mess as I sit here at work...gawsh! That song gets me everytime as I think about my little 2 year old girl. I love country too and that song really makes you stop and think. I loved every.single.thing about that video...the song, the way you put the pictures together, that 1st video of the twins and I could go on and on. Priceless! You are a Beautiful mama!

  27. Wow. Just wow. That was incredible!

  28. sweetest video ever and I love that song. this video got me all teary eyed.

  29. Oh Raven….

    I don’t have speakers on my work computer and I actually went and fired this up from my phone just so I could listen and watch at the same time. what a beautiful montage…and I had never heard that song before but sure enough, I am having a sob-fest at my desk…thank you for that beautiful reminder to stop and cherish….

    Love to you guys…xo

  30. Awww, perfection. I won't blame you for crying, I don't even know you, and I cried ;) Beautifully done.

  31. So so sweet! I love that song! Love the video of your little one walking for the first time! You have a beautiful family! What a blessing!

  32. You got me good on that one! I teared up for sure!

  33. And now I'm bawling! This song always makes me think back on my life! It's crazy how time really does fly!

  34. aw, such a great video raven !

  35. aaawww...so beautiful and i love the video!!!

  36. Thank you for the cry fest again! As if I haven't cried enough this week! Every time I hear that song, it makes me bawl my eyes out too! Damn country songs making me cry.

  37. That is one of my all time favorite songs and it gets me everytime I hear it. Loved all the pictures. It's amazing how fast life goes and how quickly our little ones grow up.

  38. My roommate definitely just walked in on my crying... I had a hard time explaining how I was crying like a baby to a video of a family I've never met! Haha! You're family is absolutely beautiful!

  39. such a super sweet video! :)
    and? I love you as a brunette. :)

  40. love it .. so adorable

  41. That is one of my favorite songs. The pictures you turned into a video to match the lyrics are precious.

  42. Beautiful video, such a sweet song!! Thanks for sharing

  43. I've just cried, too!!! This is so beautiful, R!!! This is something that you and your family can cherish forever!!! You are SO BLESSED!!!!! I just love reading about your life and thank you so much for letting all of us be a part of it!!

  44. Love this .. Precious!

  45. Ravey pants! you have the sweetest heart ever! This made me all teary and warm fuzzy inside! And I didnt know you loved country music....learn something new about you all the time!

  46. Why would you do that to me on a perfectly happy Wednesday night? Bawling mess! So sweet. Ahh, I never want my baby to grow up. Sleep through the night..yes, grow up..never! xoxo

  47. ahhh I did so good except for the pictures with nonie and grandpa!!!!! loved the video. can't wait to see my boys this weekend!

  48. I just sent you a video of me bawling!!! I miss Nonie! and when I got to see you pregnant with Gunner and how careful you were about everything!

    Watching my little 'nephews' grow! they were so small which seemed like yesterday and then BAM! Gunner's popping asses and Colty's still not trying any new foods

    Love you all! Glad I have a family like this one!

    RIP Nonie

  49. You did an amazing job with the video. It was so beautiful and the song was perfect! :)

  50. OMG your nieces giggling at the beginning is SO contagious!! TOO cute!!

    LOL'd at your cutie pie wearing that wig! Your boys look JUST like you!! :)

    Seriously love all the pics and how perfect you syncronized them with the parts of the song!!

    I hope I get Olivia's first steps on camera!! I just got teary eyed at that part bc I know that will be happening soon!!

    I am making a video (almost finished) for Olivia's first birthday of little snippets over the past year. I always get teary eyed too!!

  51. This is just beautiful!! I live & die for country music too.

    My most memorable Mother's Day gift was when my husband put pictures of our oldest (then an only child) on a disc to some of our favorite country music!

  52. OH no! I was so looking forward to some bawling. But the video does not work in the country I live. Darn.
    There is nothing wrong with some proper bawling from time to time. Cleans out the lachrymal gland. That's important! :)
    xx Nora


  53. I just bawled too...It is SO incredibly touching and honest. That baby laughter was the most presh thing, and it reminded me of this time that I was in a waiting room and a cell phone went off. The "ringtone" was the sound of a baby's laughter and we all melted...even the big ol' men. I also think that the picture of the grandpa pulling the kids on the tractor needs to be hanging in an art gallery...There is just something about that picture!! Love you and your amazing family!!

  54. I'm crying watching this! So sweet. Glad I'm not the only person who puts pictures to song I hear!

  55. oh yeah, LOVE this song!! Love the pictures/videos you put together with it too!

  56. Made me cry! LOVED it.

    I have a video from my now 14 year old's Mom of her and her bff from when they were like 3-12 to "I hope you dance". Makes me bawl like a baby.

  57. This home video is so precious! It makes me want to have babies right now!!

  58. I'm all caught up. Are you happy now??????????????????

  59. country music is love.


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