Why I Love Being A Country Girl


Free People dress :: Frye boots here :: and OMG I want these so so bad

I just do. I just always have. People make fun of the good ol' country genre all the time (dogs, whiskey, tractors…we get it) but there's something to be said for sitting on the tailgate of a truck with friends, listening to country music on the radio and doing nothing more then bullshitting around. It's calm, it's fun, it's unpretentious and by the way, what's so wrong with dogs, whiskey and tractors? A few spices of life, them things be.

Slower pace of life. I tried moving to Vegas that one time, remember? Didn't work out too well. I'll stick to spending the weekend there every now and then…a few days is all that town can handle of me anyway. 

"Reminds me of a Kid Rock song." A comment I received via Facebook regarding the above photo. Best. Compliment. Ever. Like, ever ever.

Lawn chairs. Almost every night by 6 pm, those chairs are full of country butts talking country stuff  drinking country drinks. Every half hour or so we add another chair, because here where we come from, the more the merrier. Everyone is welcome. (Except for…well, you know.)

Country kids. And tons of 'em. Bike riding, 4-wheeling, slip 'n sliding, horse riding, rabbit chasing,  snake hunting, dirt wrestling, chicken nuggets, chocolate milk and sprinklers. And pretty much, I'm jealous.

Speaking of snakes…

Snakes. We've had a plethora of snakes this season. There is a mass amount of new construction going on down the way, and they are dropping dynamite into the ground to break up the earth so they can build, and in turn, I assume the snake dens are getting disturbed and they are making their way to my humble abode. I. HATE. SNAKES. But, my kid loves them. Like, just the other day, he fished a dead headless rattlesnake that Rob had killed out of the garbage can and I found him jumping in the trampoline with it! What in the ever living world? I mean, furreal?!

Bonfires. Obviously.

Extracurricular activities. We can golf out our backyard, shoot bebe guns at beer cans (or coyotes) and have all the naked outdoor sex we want. Yes, that we can.

Country guys. Sorry not sorry, but country guys are just made a little different. Dare I say, a little better? I know I have a man that is loyal to the core. Providing for his family is absolute number one on his life list and if the dishwasher breaks or the lawn mower putters out, my country boy doesn't have to call someone else to fix it. He puts his family first above all else and damn Gina if my country guy isn't country gorgeous.

Truths. If my country boy comes home, grabs a baseball bat, declares "I may end up in jail tonight" and then takes off in his Dodge, I know two things for sure: 1) this is gonna make for one hell of a good story and 2) that bastard deserved it. 

Free spirits. Not sure exactly what it is, but in my country experience, country people are just amazing. Laid back, entertaining, non-sanctimonious, free with the wind and f*ck all the nonsense because dammit, we are country people and all we wanna do is have some fun!

George, Randy, Blake and Luke. That's all.

ps Kid Rock? Yes, I'm totally 
available for your next music video.


  1. They don't make a shirt saying "country girls do it better" for nothing!

  2. I love the pictures with the snakes. And the outfit is super fun.

  3. AnonymousMay 21, 2014

    Yaaaaaasssssss!!! Though I'm not quite as "country" as all that (I did grow up in the Suburbs, but it was still southern GA) I consider myself a country girl. I love being outdoors and everything that comes with it including the easy-going country lifestyle. Despite just having moved to Boston for the summer, no thank you city-life forever. Also ew snakes lol

  4. "George, Randy, Luke and Blake"... AMEN Especially that George guy.

  5. There's just something about being country..It always seems to pull us back! "George, Randy, Luke and Blake....." just sums it all up with some cowboy boots!!

  6. For me I'm more about the ladies...Miranda, Carrie, and Kacey.

  7. Hahaha yes! But this sounds like the island too...minus the snake hunting. We hate snakes but ours aren't poisonous or anything...we just don't like 'em.

    You're just so cute Raven! And yes...country men are...different...better...I concur! :D

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  8. I cannot get over your fire pit. So jealous.

  9. I never ever hate on country folk, but I tried living in the country a couple years back. Coming from growing up in the city, I couldn't handle it. I needed everything in walking distance. Though, when I do get a hot minute to take a vacation, I always go to the country.

  10. a-freaking-men. It's about time other people knew it too.

  11. That is one big ass fire pit! We're not that fancy in our part of the country. Our bonfires consist of a big pile of skids on the ground and if we're lucky someone might have a couch to burn!

  12. Soooo. Can't wait to hear the Rob story you instagrammed ab last night...

  13. I am a mix... country and small town girl. I love being close to everything but far enough away that I don't have to hear my neighbor fart in his yard... Thankfully our new home we just bought is the best of both - it's surrounded by trees so we don't even see one neighbor, and the other seems friendly enough... I would love to live in at the GREAT WIDE OPEN - I'm going to reserve that for my 2nd home I'm sure. I like being a stones throw away from the grocery store, but not the noise. And I LOVE your backyard and way of live, it's perfect. I don't love new country, hate it actually, but give me a tailgate, a lawn chair, and open beer, a roaring fire and roaring laughter any day. Clubs were fun, and they are still fun in moderation but I honestly like being close to nature AND true friends way better than club bitches and getting humped from behind by some stranger! AND YES, WE NEED THE ROB STORY STAT!

  14. I couldn't have said it better myself! well, except the snake part. I do NOT do snakes! We had water moccasins where we used to live. We went out early one morning to have coffee in our lawn chairs and I looked between my feet, which were crossed, and looking up at me was the ugliest little baby moccasin I ever did see. My country boy went in, got his shot gun, and blew that baby to smithereens! I seriously thought he missed and the snake got away because there was NOTHING left!

  15. Hah! Yes. Absolutely all of this. (I LOVE snakes. Spiders are my Achilles Heel, but I can totally do snakes.)

  16. I couldn't agree more!!! I miss the country and can't wait to move back!!!!

  17. #AMEN

    Also might I add, us country folk we love our country, we're DAMN proud to be American, and we gladly support our soldiers. <3

  18. I totally agree being a country girl is just awesome and the summer nights are priceless!

  19. haha i know nothing about being a country girl, but i will be an aussie girl for the rest of my life. i come from one of the biggest cities in the world and now live in a pretty small city, though of course its not the country.

    Everyone is welcome. (Except for…well, you know.)

    nope i dont know? do share!


  21. hover your mouse over the last photo and see where the pink "pin it" button lands...


  22. loved this! I'm from a small country town and everything you said is on point! I may live in the city now, but I'll always be a country girl at heart! And hopefully we'll be moving back to my small town when it's time to raise a family!

  23. What an AWESOME fire pit!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  24. I am so coming to visit! It is only a 5 hour drive. I'll sleep out by the fire pit or the bed of my truck. Oh and my two crazy boys can play with yours, k? 💕

  25. Love your joy and contentment with your life. Refreshing!

  26. I have those boots. Bought them the first time in the 1970s. :)

  27. I've never thought of the North West as country, but I guess country can be anywhere! I still want to know what happened with Rob and the bat...

  28. I love your thoughts on being country! -Hanna Lei

  29. AnonymousMay 23, 2014

    I grew up in rural Kansas, and though I most definitely was not a country girl, I secretly had several crushes on country boys.

  30. Oooooh country boys...I should find me one of those. Is your cousin still single? ;)

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